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Soldiers in the first world war were not allowed to write about certain things like their position, the conditions, suspected enemy movements or plans for attacks. All the letters sent home would be proof-read by officers (sometimes by invalids in the infirmary) and censored to prevent anything uncouth or confidential being sent home to families.

This was because the Officers didn't want to worry the people at home. If the truth about some of the horrific conditions were found out, families would campaign to stop the war. This could lead to riots and all sorts of unwanted problems. It could also reduce the number of men that signed up for the army. At the time, the image of the army was of well-fed happy men doing their bit for queen and country and the officers did not want to pop this 'happy bubble' that was virtually all lies.

It was also because if the letters were intercepted an contained information on the position or plans of soldiers (on wither side) the consequences could be disastrous.

So soldiers had to be careful about what they wrote in their letters because, if they wrote about the bad things their families would receive a very censored letter and that would probably worry them more than being told the truth about the conditions.

In order to 'play it safe', as it were, most soldiers wrote about the weather and used a kind of code so as not to worry their families. For example:

A soldier could write: We had a quiet day today

when actually they had been gassed but survived

or he could write: It's been a bit lively here

that actually means: we've been bombed to pieces.

They also might say [name] bought it, to mean that [name] died.

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Q: What did World War 1 soldiers write in their letters home?
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How did soldiers cope with mud in World War 1?

The soldiers would write letters home and write poems about their feelings. they would also have to cope with some unpleasent jobs like cleaning the toilet out.

Did evacuees write letters to their family in World War 2?

yes they did write letters home

Why men wouldn't write letters home saying how horrible World War 1 was?

They were often screened like the soldiers couldn't write anything bad about the war to demoralize people back home

What did the army do to help soldiers write letters home in World War 1?

yeah they did it because they wanted to let there familt that they were alright when the war was going on

What did soldiers from world war 2 write in their letters home?

They wrote various things, but they had to be careful on what they said. I read my dad's letters and he talked about girls, his buddies, the weather, where they might go and how the food was.

How did the soldiers comunicate to there families at home in world war 1?

They wrote letters.

How did soldiers get letters in world war 1?

Letters were delivered to their units, wherever they were, often with difficulty. It was considered good for morale that the soldiers should get news from home.

When were ww1 soldiers allowed to send letters home?

most days they would write but I don't know when or if they would have been sent

How often did the soldiers get to write home in World War 2?

maybe about 3 times a week

What did the soldiers do in their spare time?

the soldiers wrote letters home,played games and built roads

What did World War 1 soldiers have in their packs?

Beef Jerky, Spare Ammo, Chocolate. Letters from home, changes of clothing,Spam.

How did soldiers of the civil war communicat home?

ANSWER By writing letters to their families.

How do letters from home affect soldiers posted overseas?

Getting letters and care packages from home can have an important positive effect for soldiers abroad. Studies performed by 'The Journal of Traumatic Stress' have discovered that soldiers in positive relationships that receive letters do not suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder as badly as soldiers who are in poor relationships and ones who don't receive anything.

How often did soldiers write home?

They wrote home ever two weeks.

Spare time activities in the trenches?

During WW1, the activities that soldiers did in their spare were to play cards, write in diaries, write letters home, or take some to sleep. Trenches were very unpleasant places for soldiers because the environment was often muddy and often had the stench of rotting corpses.

Who did Abigail Adams write the letters to?

She wrote letters to her husband and son when he left home.

Are US soldiers in Iraq allowed to write home about battles they've been in?

The US soldiers fighting in Iraq are allowed to write home to their families. Although, they are not allowed to talk about their battles or where they are just in case the enemy intercepts the messages they won't be able to locate the base our soldiers are located. I know that back in WWII the letters that were sent home were first proofread in case the solider said something that might send any indication as to where their where abouts might be.

What did soldiers from world war 1 write in their letters home?

They would express their feelings, how muched they missed home and so on. Some may tell them how bad the conditions actually were and others covered up the truth and told them it was fine and all 'tickety-boo' to stop people at home from worry. A good answer from Smush TheLedgendOfS!

How did the soldiers in World War I express their feelings?

The soldiers wrote letters for their friends and family at home, wrote poems that said wha the soldiers felt and wrote in their own diaries. For some great info go x

How did soldiers stay in touch with home?

They wrote letters to home and they got sent and recived but they had a booklet type in therir pockets and if anything happened to them the other people would get that out and write a latter telling thier famailes what have happened

How did the British government censor the letters sent home by soldiers in World War 1?

scribble out the bad stuff to make war seem awesome xxcbxx

Why would soldiers have to be sent home during World War 1?

Soldiers were not sent home on leave from the military in World War 1 such as they are today. Soldiers were only sent home if they were injured, were no longer needed, or if they had died.

Did us soldiers send anything home besides letters during world war 2?

The transportation of mail in WW2 was a very delicate matter. Letters home were written & then photographically reduced in size to save weight ! Therefore I suspect the answer was a very definite No.

When were the soldiers going home in world war 1?

Soldiers went home if they were injured. Other times they would go home for a break.

How did people at home help in World War 2?

During World War 2, people at home helped by filling in at the jobs that were vacant. People also helped by giving their support by writing letters to keep the spirits up of the soldiers.

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