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What did World War 2 bring us besides nukes?

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Victory over an incredible Tyranny that were the Axis Powers.

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Is it possible to win World war 3?

World war 3 is almost impossible to win but yes it's possible. To survive through out World war 3 is to destroy the nukes and preventing the war from keep on happening. Note: Nukes are very powerful so destroy them before they are launched.

Is it quite possible to win World war 3?

World war 3 is almost impossible to but yes it's possible to win World war 3. There are only couple of ways to win this war, destroy the nukes and prevent the war from happening. Note: Nukes are very powerful so do not let them hit the ground.

Did they have nukes in World War 2?

The first nukes were invented in Germany in ww2. the scientists fled from Germany and gave most if not all of there research to the Americans. we developed the first working nuke, but the Germans may have dropped nukes on us if we had not ended the war. -Zoink!~

Did the Germans have nukes during World War 2?

They had not fully developed nuclear bombs.

How can you compare World War 2 with total war?

WWII used all available weapons, i.e. nukes.

Has world war 3 started?

no, and if it does we are dead unless we take down the enemy nukes and any other war things.

What were the philoplies of World War 2 and the cold war?

No nukes existed in the beginning of WW2, so it was all out war (total war). After WW2 ended in 1945, nukes existed. No more total wars could be fought; so a military stand-off occurred...called the "cold war."

Does Britain have nukes?

Britain has had nukes for a long time. After World War 2 the US shared its nuclear technology with Great Britain and Canada, and Britain developed into a nuclear armed nation.

Nukes in World War 2?

Fat Man (plutonium a-bomb) and Little Boy (uranium a-bomb)

What has be done to prevent a world war 3?

Formation of United Nations and ban the use of Nukes after 1964.

How did the US help end world war 2 quickly?

Nukes. oh, and moral support :D

Are nukes defensive?

No. Nukes are nuclear weapons but they suppose to use nukes to protect the earth not to destroy the earth. Eventually, nukes are not the best idea to use against other countries. We all know that nukes can win war but you should not use them.

How did the Cold War occurred?

The invention of nukes.

What was not occupied by japan in World war 2?

Any thing not in the pacific and some places in the pacific (nukes scared them)

How was the Korean War limited war?

Limited to conventional weapons (no nukes allowed).

Did America declare war agaist Vietnam?

An atomic power can't declare war, that would imply using nukes. The last time the US declared war was in WWII. And nukes didn't exist then.

How did the cold war influence us on Vietnam?

Couldn't use nukes; limited war.

Us response to Vietnam war?

All out war, minus nukes and invasion of the north.

If US and the UK went to war with Russia and China would they use nukes and who would win?

If they fought a limited war it could go either way, depending on the circumstances, but I have trouble envisioning a limited war with nukes. Once the first nuke is detonated, it will probably lead to more nukes, with no limits, and no winners.

What weapon or weapons did the US not use in the Vietnam War?

Their minds and nukes. Should of just used Peaceful logic or nukes. To solve the problem.

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