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a colonial dress maker made dresses petticoats purses cloths shirts gloves and ribbons

pocket books and hats thanks

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Q: What did a colonial dress maker do?
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Daily life for dress maker in colonial times?

made clothing.

What does a colonial candy maker do in colonial times?

Make candy and the colonial candy maker made only hard candies and chocolate!

What is the differences between a dress maker in pioneer life and a dress maker now?


What did a basket maker do in colonial times?

a basket maker in colonial times made baskets and possibly repaired them

Who is a dress maker?

A dress maker is a person who makes custom clothing for women,such as dresses,blouses,and evening gowns. Also called mantua-maker(historically) or a modiste.

What does a colonial coopersmith do?

Barrel Maker

Can you make a dress design on the internet and send it to a dress maker?


What is the advantages of being dress making?

what is advantages of being dress maker

What did a colonial cobbler do?

a cobbler was a shoe maker. they made shoes in colonial times.

What did a colonial candle maker do?

They made candles.

What was a milliner in Colonial America?

a maker of hats

What were the dress like for colonial men in colonial times?

very olden day

What is a dress maker?

a person who makes dresses

What did a colonial miller do?

they ground wheat to maker flour.

How did a colonial wig maker make wigs?

with there hands :))

How does a colonial hat maker do his job?

A colonial hat maker would use different tools to make, shape, and repair hats. They were also responsible for making their own glue.

How did americal colonial women dress?


How did colonial Delaware dress?

The people in colonial Delaware dressed fancy. The men would wear a fancy suit and the women would wear a fancy dress.

Who was the dressmaker in the westing game?

The Dress maker is Flora

What do you called to the female tailorist?

A seamstress or a dress maker.

Who was a dress maker in the Westing Game?

Flora Baumbauch

What does a dress maker do?

A dressmaker makes dresses for women.

How do you dress like Katherine from the vampire diaries for Halloween?

Go on Google images and type kathrine fro the vampire diaries and she will come up in a dress choose your favourite one and tell a dress maker to make it for you, you may think that there are no more dress makers but just look for your local dress maker on the Internet.

How much money does a colonial shoe-maker make in a week?

About $700.00 a week

Why was colonial dress makers important in colonial days?

they made dresses and types of clothing for women