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There is no evidence that Homo Erectus lived in caves.

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Q: What did a homo erectus cave look like?
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What did the Homo erectus look like?

The Homo Erectus had long hair and no clothing

Who did Homo Erectus clothes look like?


How does Homo Erectus look like?

Homo Erectus looked similar to Homo Sapiens, but their teeth were larger. Their brains was about 50 cc smaller than ours. They were also on average a little shorter than us. There jaw protruded a little more than ours similar but not exactly like a monkeys.

What did a homo sapien look like?

Like you!!You are a Homo sapiens!

What did Did homo Habilis look like?

they look like apes

What did Homo erectus look like?

similar to homo sapiens, but their teeth were larger. There brains was about 800 -500 cc smaller than ours. They were also on average a little shorter than us. There jaw protruded a little more than ours similar but not exactly like a monkeys.

Where were homo sapien remains found?

The genus Homo erectus was originated in Africa and spread all the way to China and Java. They were considered to be a direct ancestor of modern humans. They migrated during the Early Pleistocene around 2.0 million years ago and spread around to the rest of the Old World. Scientists have found fossilized remains that were 1.8 and 1.0 million years old. Some Scientist believe that Homo erectus and Homo ergaster are separate species, but others think they are one group called (Homo sapiens). There are other closely related species like Homo georigicus, and Homo habilis. Homo ergaster is an extinct homo species. They lived in southern and eastern Africa about 1.9 million years ago (during the Pliocene epoch). They are probably extinct because of their deformities. Such as their thinner skull bones, lack of an obvious supraorbital sulcus, protruding face, and lower forehead. These deformities caused them many disadvantages. The population of Homo georgicus is very small. There fossils are about 1.8 million years old. There remains were discovered in 1991 by David Lordkipanidze and his international team. A partial skeleton was discovered in 2001. They also found Implements and animal bones alongside the ancient homo remains. Homo habilis lived from 2.5-1.6 million years ago. Mary and Louis Leakey found fossils in Tanzania, East Africa between 1962 and 1964. Homo habilis is the earliest known species of Homo erectus. Homo habilis is the least similar species to modern humans than any other homo type. Homo habilis were short and had unusually long arms. Homo erectus people started being found in the early 1960s. Erectus is one of the better known members of genus Homo. Some people think that erectus is a wrong group of organisms. Others think that they should be split into many groups. That they split up Asia and then Africa. Questions about how Homo erectus evolved are still under disagreement. Homo erectus means "upright man" who lived about 1.8 million years ago. They disappeared about 70,000 years ago. Homo erectus people are right in the middle of Homo habilis and Homo sapiens. Homo erectus is thought as an ancestor of Homo sapiens. Homo erectus people had more human like characteristics, for example a more upright-standing. They also had a larger brain. Their brains were 75% the size of Homo sapiens. Their heads were less sloping, their teeth were smaller, and they developed more complex tools. Some of those tools were used for 1.2 million years ago to about 500,000 years ago. Some of the tools I talked about in the last paragraph allowed Homo erectus people to defend themselves for the very first time. One of their tools was fire. They might have tried to control fire, which is not a typical behavior for Homo erectus. The harnessing of fire started about 100,000 years ago. Homo genus is the fourth of the great apes. Homo sapiens are the only surviving member of the homo group. Chimpanzees, gorillas, and orangutans are all part of the homo family. Homo erectus lived between 1.8 and about 500,000 years ago. They emerged in Africa and migrated as far as Southeast Asia. Homo erectus people look very similar to modern humans. Homo erectus people didn't have the ability for complex speech. Homo people were the first people to move out of Africa and the first to use fire in a controlled way. They were the first people to make a tool industry that make hand axes. Homo erectus is not only one species it is many species of homo. They are all our ancestors too. There are Homo habilis, Homo georgicus, and Homo ergaster. There are probably many more species of homo. Well that's all for now. By Alyssa Wheeler

What does the homo sapians sapians look like?


Who werethe homo sapiens and what did they look like?

That's us. We're Homo sapiens.

How did homo sapien sapien look like?

A Homo Sapien Sapien is what humans are currently.

What do cave rats look like?

Cave rats look a rather lot like your bottom.

What did homo sapiens look like?

they look like humens but not yet fully evoled

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