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Slave trade and slaves in general.

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Q: What did abolitionists disagree with?
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Why did some abolitionists disagree with john bowns actions?

This was because it was violent and too extreme. Also, it was treason, which is illegal.

Who would be MOST likely to disagree with Calhoun's attempt to justify slavery?

Abolitionists, human rights activists, and those who believe in equality and freedom for all individuals would be most likely to disagree with Calhoun's attempt to justify slavery.

Why were people who disagree with slavery were abolitionists?

People who disagreed with slavery were called abolitionists because they believed that slavery was morally wrong and should be abolished. They worked to end the institution of slavery through political activism, protests, and spreading anti-slavery ideas in order to bring an end to the practice.

Were some abolitionists racists?

no the couldn't be or else they wouldn't be abolitionists no the couldn't be or else they wouldn't be abolitionists

Why did the north disagree to the emancipation procamation?

They didn't especially disagree with it. They were just lukewarm about it - confirming that most Northerners were never abolitionists. However, they will have seen the sense of it when it kept Britain from helping the Confederates, as the British could not be seen to fight for slavery.

People who actively worked to end slavery were called?


How do you spell abolitionists?


Did all the abolitionists help with the underground railrod why or why not?

Most of the abolitionists supported the Underground Railroad because most of the abolitionists wanted to end slavery.

Was sojourner truth a abolitionists?

yes she was an American abolitionists and womans right activists.

Were abolitionists union or confederacy?

Union - though most Unionists were never Abolitionists

What is the opposite of abolitionists?

The opposite of abolitionists would be slaveholders, or those who were pro-slavery.

What is a name for people who worked to make slavery illegal?

There names were abolitionists.