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Albert Einstein was born in Germany in 1879. He was always interested in math and physics, making exceptional grades in both subjects.

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Q: What did albert Einstein do before he became a scientist?
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Did Albert Einstein and Ernest Rutherford ever meet?

no they didn't in fact Ernest died 2 years before Einstein became a scientist

What did Albert Einstein do before famous?

Before Einstein became famous, he was a patent clerk.

What was Albert Einstein's life like before he became famous?

a nerds life!

Was Albert Einstein the first scientist?

No. There were many people who studied science before him. Newton, Galileo, Copernicus, just to name a few, were all scientists before Einstein.

Did albert Einstein do anything with plate tectonics?

Einstein died before plate tectonics became an accepted geological idea.

What was life like before Albert Einstein moved to America?

What was life like before Albert Einstein moved to America

What was Albert Einstein's life before he moved to the US?

Before Albert Einstein moved to the United States he worked as a very intelligant secretary for the well known scientist named Gergory J. Kaut. This showed him the ways of a scientist making him want to become one him self so he moved to the United States as an immigrant to start his life over as a very intelligant and succesful scientist.

Did Albert Einstein have an internship before?

No, he didn't

What were Albert Einstein's failures before he was successful?

lots of it

What did Albert Einstein work as before becoming a physicist?

Albert Einstein went to collage for physics and then became a patent clerk in Zurich. He worked 6 days a week and could work on his theory of relativity along with doing this mentally unchallenging job.

Did Albert Einstein discover physics?

No. They had physics before Einstein came along. Einstein made contributions to physics.

How did Albert Einstein earn money?

Albert Einstein made his living as a professor in Europe before coming to the US where he was a professor at Princeton University.