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They had games, dancing, feasts, music, and other things they could find to have a good time. They may have also hung out with friends, or people they know, and run around, etc.

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What did a peasant in Medieval times do for fun?

he would sell fruit to princess hoping to mate with her

How would a peasant have fun?

all your life lol!

Did you have fun in medieval times?


What did a medieval knight do for fun?

a medieval knight did have fun . they entered tournament to test their skills. like jousting etc.

What did a medieval princess do for fun?


What did medieval bakers do for fun?


What did medieval merchants do for fun?

play sports

What did the medieval lords do for fun?

unfortunatly i don't no

What did kings do in the medieval times for fun?


Is Medieval Times in Toronto fun?


What did the medieval nuns do for fun?

sing songs

How did medieval dukes have fun?

by sord fighting

What did children in the medieval times do for fun?

they did stuff

What are fun medieval games?

world of warcraft, skyrim

Is medieval 2 total war fun?

Yes it is.

What did queens do for fun in the Middle Ages?

The medieval queens had a big feast for fun in the middle ages .

What were the hobbies of a craftsman in medieval life?

to craft things because that was their job and they found it fun and it was fun nalthough im not from medieval times but i might be but im not so dont worry

What doesn't south park make fun of?

Medieval Europe

What do medieval knights do for fun?

play football, soccer, and juggle

What do medieval dyer's do for fun?

eat apples + carrots + cakes

What did medieval kings do for fun?

they played soccer all day

What kind of food did medieval bakers make?

bread... pastries:) FUn

What did clergy do for fun who entartained them in medieval times?

ahsvav vdhsvb lhijdsvjjkhh

Did medieval knights have fun?

Yes they did. They entered tournements to test their skills.

What did a Medieval jester do for fun when he is not working on making people laugh?


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