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What did ancient Egyptions invent?


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i think they invented hyrogliphics


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The Romans did not invent the candle they improved it and advanced it the egyptions originally made the candle.

the nile river was important to ancient egyptions because it allowed the ancient egyptions to have systems of transportation, sanitation, and irrigation. the nile river helped the ancient egyptions stay functional. I love cake ^^ I love cake too. c: <3

People from ancient Egypt. Citizens in ancient Egypt are landowning free men

because the ancient egyptions used them for building the pymramids

Ask the ancient egyptions

Egypt, the valley of the lower reaches of the Nile.

The ancient Egyptian gods/goddesses: there were many.

trade over land was hard for the ancient egyptions

ancient Greeks, Turk's, Anglo-Saxons, Egyptions

yes the ancient Egyptians did invent eyeliner

yes the Ancient Greeks invent maps

ancient egyptions used it first, but its a greek word

The Ancient Egyptions and your mom

The sail boat was invented by the ancient romansand egyptions 3000 bc

the ancient egyptions invented cloth most girls and woman wore it

The Ancient Egyptions used salt to preserve their pharohs bodys.

The ancient egyptions believed that the Pharaohs were Horus in human form.

what did the ancient indians not idvent

The Ancient Greeks and the Ancient Chinese.

they did invent things but know one knows

No, China did not invent the wheel. Mesopotamia did.

India discovered India but the egyptions almost discovered every other country

The ancient Egyptians did not invent Chariots, but the did greatly improved them. The Chariot was introduced to the Egyptians by the Hyksos.

They were a form of communication for the ancient egyptions because they didnt have English or any other language, therefore making up their own.

the ancient egyptions would keep the bodys of the mummies in the pyramids. Befour they were placed in tombs their bodies would have been embalmed

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