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i think they invented hyrogliphics

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โˆ™ 2009-10-22 21:20:52
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Q: What did ancient Egyptions invent?
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Did Incas invent hieroglyphics?

No, Egyptions did

Who invent the fraction?

Most likely Egyptions

What are the kemites?

Ancient Egyptions

What did Ancient Egyptions eat?


Who invented the merkhet?

Ancient Egyptions

Did the Romans invent the candle?

The Romans did not invent the candle they improved it and advanced it the egyptions originally made the candle.

What did the Ancient Egyptians call themselves?


Who ceated the clock in ancient egypt?


What is the ancient egyptions symbol for life?

The symbol was the Ankh.

Who were the ancient egyptions?

People from ancient Egypt. Citizens in ancient Egypt are landowning free men

Why was the Nile River so important to ancient Egyptian civilization?

the nile river was important to ancient egyptions because it allowed the ancient egyptions to have systems of transportation, sanitation, and irrigation. the nile river helped the ancient egyptions stay functional. I love cake ^^ I love cake too. c: <3

Why was a hammer useful in Ancient Egypt?

because the ancient egyptions used them for building the pymramids

How do you make a mummy doodle god?

Ask the ancient egyptions

Where did the ancient Egyptions live?

Egypt, the valley of the lower reaches of the Nile.

What were the names of the two ancient cultures that discovered pi?

Greece and egyptions

Did Egyptions believe in god?

The ancient Egyptian gods/goddesses: there were many.

Why did the ancient Egyptions respect their pharaohs so much?

because they were scared

What was trade over land like in ancient Egypt?

trade over land was hard for the ancient egyptions

What groups of people influenced the ancient Roman Civilizations?

ancient Greeks, Turk's, Anglo-Saxons, Egyptions

What was the era and culture of pi?

ancient egyptions used it first, but its a greek word

Who invented the first river boat in 3500 BC?

The Ancient Egyptions and your mom

Why did the ancient Greeks invent maps?

yes the Ancient Greeks invent maps

Did the ancient Egyptians invent eyeliner?

yes the ancient Egyptians did invent eyeliner

Who invented cloth?

the ancient egyptions invented cloth most girls and woman wore it

When were sailboats invented?

The sail boat was invented by the ancient romansand egyptions 3000 bc