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Anne Hutchinson questioned the puritan ministers and started holding religious meetings at her home.

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How did anne huchinson die?

she died

Family and child information on anne huchinson?


Between what years did Anne Huchinson live?

1591 - 1643.

Who was expelled from Massachusetts Bay Colony with charges of sedition?

Anne Huchinson

Was banished from Massachusetts for questioning religious authorities?

Roger Williams. Anne Huchinson.

How many children did Anne Huchinson have?

15...Edward, Susanna, Richard, Faith, Bridget, Francis, Elizabeth, William, Samuel, Anne, Mary, Katherine, William, Susanna, Zuriel

Where did anne huchinson move when she was banished?

She moved to Road Island and then got married and then her husband died and then she moved back to Road Island

What woman was banished from the Massachusetts Bay Colony and started Delaware?

What woman was banished from the Massachusetts Bay Colony and started delaware?anne huchinson

What did Anne Huchinson believe in?

In American pilgrim times, she was a puritan feminist and heretic. She believed in women's rights but also in the idea that you could sin freely without risking your eternal salvation.

What are facts about Rhode Island?

founded by roger williams and annie huchinson they wanted to seperate form the church and state

Why was Anne Huchinson forced to leave the Massachusetts bay colony?

Hutchinson held Bible meetings for women that soon had great appeal to men as well. Eventually, she went beyond Bible study to proclaim her own theological interpretations of sermons, some of which offended the colony leadership. A major controversy ensued, and after a trial before a jury of officials and clergy, she was banished from her colony.

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