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Beethoven opened up a new way for music to be composed. He was by almost any definition a genius. He composed music that was more expressive... His music was also bigger and badder... You could say that he was like the Metallica of Classical Music but his stuff is very gentle and heartfelt at times. His music also changes with years of his life... Another good example is that before Beethoven most classical composers made music for the crowd... But with Beethoven you got the sense you were hearing part of his story, his memories... Very special guy... He was a composer who went deaf and still composed by hearing vibrations through the piano... Beethoven did the impossible and more...

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Who is the odd one out Monet Picasso Van Gogh Beethoven?

Beethoven. He was a composer, the others were painters.

Who sang rollover Beethoven?

Chuck Berry and probably many others.

Who composed for the piano?

Chopin, Mozart, Beethoven, Haydn and many others.

Why did Beethoven not want others to know he was deaf?

He was a master of symphony, not sympathy.

Did Beethoven play the Viola?

Yes, a lot of composers preferred to play viola, including Beethoven, Bach, Mozart and others.

What were some of the achievements of Beethoven?

beethoven is beethoven

Which three is the most famous song for Beethoven?

I think it one of it is Fur Elise, but i do not know about the others

Is beethoven french?

No, Beethoven is German.

What was the movie that Beethoven saw in Beethoven 2nd?

it was beethoven symphathy

Did Beethoven study under joseph haydn and others?

Yes. Beethoven studied under Haydn, but the two did not have much of a rapport. Beethoven greatly admired Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, but was only able to have one lesson with Mozart before being recalled back to Bonn as his mother was ill.

Was Beethoven dyslexic?

no Beethoven was not

What is the name of the Beethoven music played in the film 'Beethoven'?

Beethoven's 5th.

Who is the composer of Copying Beethoven?


Where was Beethoven married?

Beethoven was not married.

Who are some classical composers?

Bach, Buxtehude, Pachelbel, Brahms, Beethoven, Haydn, to name a few. There are literally hundreds of others.

Where does Ludwig van beethoven?

It's in Beethoven.

Who murdered beethoven?

No one. Beethoven was NOT murdered.

Was Beethoven adopted?

o beethoven was not abopted

Did Mozart know Bach or Beethoven?


How many wife did Beethoven have?

Beethoven was not married

What is the definition of Beethoven?

Beethoven is a famous musician.

Who did Beethoven murder?

Beethoven did not murder anyone.

Who wrote ode to joy beethoven?


Why was Beethoven famous?

Beethoven was a famous composer.

Did Beethoven play the trumpet?

No. Beethoven was a pianist.