What did bef mean during the world war 1?

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British Expeditionary Force.

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Q: What did bef mean during the world war 1?
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In World War II what does the tearm BEF mean?

BEF stood for British Expeditionary Force, a disivision of sources from England and its colonies.

BEF stand for in World War 2?

British Expeditionary Force

What did Douglas haig do in World War I?

Douglas Haig was a British soldier, a British Field Marshal, and a British Commander of the British Expeditionary Force (BEF) in world war 1.

What does GI mean during World War 2?

government issue

What did bef mean in the war?

British Expeditionary Force. This was the British Army which was stationed in France in 1939 and was trapped in and rescued from Dunkirk when the Germans overran France.

Why did the cold war lead to a new western world?

now do you mean after the cold war or during. if during it was from all the fear of nuclear attack

How where the houses in Germany during world war 2?

Please clarify: Do you mean, What were the houses like in Germany during World War Two? Or are you refering to the Royalty such as the House of Hapsburg?

What does the auto age mean during the U.S economy in World War 2?


What does finding of death mean during a World War 2 casualty?

cause of death

What was the economy like during and before the Holocaust?

It sounds to me as if you mean World War 2.

Social impact of the war during World War 2?

what was the impact of the war during the world war II

Does World War 1 mean sportsmanship?

Definitely not- those two topics are completely unrelated. World War one does not mean anything- it was a huge war. Sportsmanship involves being polite during sports.

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