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be a blacksmith there werethe ones that were really getting rich because everyone was buying supplies to get gold even though less than 10% of people that went to search for gold didn't find any

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Which immigrants created the biggest influx of population to California at the time? What was a result of the California gold rush? Why was discrimination created against the immigrants during the gold rush? At what time period was the California gold rush during? What Acts were enacted against immigrants during the California gold rush?

It did not get to California, it was taken out ofCalifornia during the gold rush. The gold came from the rocks and was deposited in the river sand during the Ice age melting.

its a California Gold Rush its a California Gold Rush its a California Gold Rush its a California Gold Rush

California become a state andlots of go California Gold Rush.

Nothing, because the Gold Rush was in 1849.

Yes, people died in the gold rush.

California. The name hasn't changed.

actually all or the states went to California for gold

In 1848, gold was found in California. by 1849, the news of this gold discovery sent many people from the East to travel to California to seek their fortunes in gold mining. The Gold Rush helped to populate California.

California during the gold rush!

John Marshall in 1848 discovered gold at Sutter's mill in Coloma. This began the gold rush.

The Gold Rush made California a better and populated state just because of the Gold Rush.

300,000 men, women and children came to California for gold

Anyone that could get there when they heard of the discovery of gold.

During the Gold Rush, California was mostly lawless. It was full of young men seeking wealth and escaping their past, so violence and gambling were rampant.

There was a lot of claim jumping during the Gold Rush. The fights had to do with who owned a working claim.

The Pomo Indians were badly harmed during the Gold Rush in California

The California Gold Rush began a population boom.

The were named after the people who came to California during the gold rush in 1849.

They were brought to California during the Gold Rush for timber for houses.

They were called prospectors. Most of them were Americans.

There are crimes and murders everywhere so naturally there was some during the California Gold Rush. If you want a better answer how about you actually research it.

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