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Q: What did carter and sadie unexpectedly do when they killed apophis?
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What is the climax for the dark is rising?

Carter and Sadie awaken Ra and Desjardins banishes Apophis for a short while. Th trainees fight off the enemy magicians. Ra is made the king of the gods again, but is weak, old, and senile; seemingly useless for the war with Apophis.

What are the five main points in the red pyramid book?

Sadie and Carter save their father Their father becomes Osirius Set becomes good They want to stop Set from building the Red Pyramid Apophis is the real enemy

Are carter and sadie Kane real?

Carter and Sadie Kane are British siblings and the main characters of Rick Riordan's, "The Kane Chronicles". Carter is 14 and Sadie 12 at the start of the series. The children are hosting the Egyptian gods Horus and Isis, and must find their dad who is a captive of Set.

Did Carter and Sadie get their dad from Red Pyramid?


How did Carter and Sadie stop Set in The Red Pyramid?

Sadie and Carter forced Set to become their Alli, after they destroyed the pyramid using Thoth's book.

Who is the main character in the red pyramid?

Carter and Sadie

What is the greatest obstacle Sadie and Carter face in the Red Pyramid?


What is Carter Kane's secret name?

Kevin Grimaldo

What are some weapons sadie and carter use in the red pyramid?

sword and wand

What is the name of the Egyptian monster that attacked Carter and Sadie in the Kane Chronicles?


Why did carter and sadie release set?

So that Set can help Saidie and Carter defeat Aposis and save the world plus save Carter's dad; Juillies.

What happens at the end of the Kane chronicles?

First book: The Red Pyramid:Carter and Sadie have just witnessed their father, Julius Kane, destroying the Rosetta Stone and supposedly bringing the Egyptian gods into our world. They find out that they are very powerful as they combine for 2 ancient bloodlines: Ramesses the Great and Narmer. They find out they unleashed five gods: Horus, Isis, Nephthys, Set, and Osiris. Set is going to destroy the world and it's up to these two to stop him.Second book: The Throne of Fire:Carter and Sadie must find the three scrolls of Ra. They are seeking to bring back Ra to stop Apophis from rising. Sadie is stuck between two guys: Anubis and Walt, who is dying of Akhenaton and Tutankhamen's curse. Will Carter find Zia? And along the way, they make friends and enemies. Bes, the dwarf god, is a new friend and Vlad Menshikov is a new enemy.Third book: The Serpent's Shadow:In this book, you will find out whether Carter and Sadie stop Apophis from swallowing the sun making the world end and Chaos ruling forever. What happens with Sadie, Walt, and Anubis and Carter and Zia. Will Ra stay a senile god forever? Along the way, they have to rely on a murderous ghost who might kill them.