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Q: What did early astronomers believe the dark spots on the moon were?
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What are dark flat areas on the moon's surface?

The large flat areas on the moon are called "Maria" (Latin for "seas", because the early astronomers thought that's what they are). They are huge regions of smooth rock. If very dark, they are so by being in shadows. Smaller dark spots are meteor-impact crater floors in the shadows of the crater wall.

How do the dark spots on the moon form?

They thought they were lunar "seas" like the oceans on earth. They are actually vast plains. But even today, they are still called "seas".Many early astronomers thought the dark spots on the moon were "seas". That is how all the lunar maria got their name, such as "Mare Tranquillitatis" which translates into "The Sea of Tranquility".

What are the dark gray spots on the moon?

The darker areas on the Moon are called "maria," Latin for "seas," because Early astronomers thought they were seas. In fact they are dry plains caused by lava flows from early impacts by asteroids. They simply reflect less light than the highlands around them. The source below is an excellent collection of fine photographs of the Moon.

What is called the dark spots of the sun?

sun spots

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What are the dark spots called on the earth?

what are the spots on earth main or do the earth have spots what are the spots on earth main or do the earth have spots

What are the dark and cooler spots on sun called as?

Dark spots on the Sun are called sunspots. (You knew that was coming, didn't you?)

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What are the dark spots?

craters. They look dark because they are shadowed.

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