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What did early civilization use for bridges?

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== In the earliest days such obstacles had to be walked around. When boats came into use, they were used to ferry people and trade. The earliest bridges were probably built of ropes and were only capable of short spans and light loads. == Fallen trees or emplaced logs.

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Which early American civilization built bridges made of earth or causeways to connect an island to the mainland?


What did early civilizations use for bridges?

ropes and wood

How early civilization use the pillar?


First to use a boat in early civilization?


How did people in early civilization use astronomy?

im not really sure about that :(

Early theater had its beginnings in which civilization?

Early theater had its beginnings in Greek civilization.

What rivers did the early civilization of china use?

I think it was The Yellow River. I think!

How were bridges constructed in the early 1800s?

Bridges built in the 1800s were typically constructed of wood or stone. Some bridges were also starting to be constructed of steel in the early 1800s.

Which early civilization spread the use of a simple alphabet as it traded with other peoples?

the Phoenician

What characteristic did early civilization in Mesopotamia share with early civilization in China?

both developed paper

What did early civilizations use as bridges?

they used rocks and mud and put them into a half circle from one side to the other.

What did early Egyptian civilization use the Nile River for?

drinking water sewage crops soil

What are the some contributions of the Lydians during the early civilization?

One of them were they were the first to make and use coins.

What early American civilization is represented by chichen itza?

The Mayan civilization

What civilization built pyramids?

Eqyptians / the mayans Early civilization

How did geography effect early Greek civilization?

It effected early Greek civilization by mountains, and none fertile land

Why was the early civilization were they home of the early civilization?

To answer a question we need a who, where, when, what, why, or how. Your question doesn’t give us one of those.

What bridges were most common when they were first being built?

The early bridges that were built by early man were the log bridge. That is a a log was thrown across a river to cross.

What were the early truss bridges made of?

Truss Bridges=Trusses have been used extensively in bridges since the early 19th Century. Early truss bridges were made of wood.==in additon the classic American covered bridges are all trusses, though the wooden truss members are covered by walls and a roof, for protection from the elements. Later truss bridges were made of cast iron and wrought iron. Most modern trusses are made of structural steel.=

Is Cherokee an early American civilization?

A tribe rather than a civilization.

What is the purpose of bridges?

bridges are use for transportation and building.

What two rivers influenced early indian civilization?

The Sarasvati river and the Indus river influenced early Indian civilization.

How did the geography of mesopotamia contribute to the development of early civilization thereFirefoxHTMLShellOpenCommand?

1.How did the geography of Mesopotamia contribute to the development of early civilization there?

Who were Mexico's early civilizations?

the early civilization in mexico is olmec

Was complex religion part of early civilization?

to maintain "civilization" yes would be the answer. --civilization: a place with order.

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