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Q: What did general Sherman finally accomplish in 1865 that the navy could not and following his famous match to the sea?
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Which of the following did the North's General William T Sherman accomplish in 1864?

He conquered Atlanta and then marched through Georgia to Savannah

Who is the general in the civil war that who came closest to following a scorched earth policy?

Union General William T. Sherman

What is the name of General William Tecumseh Sherman's biological mother?

William Tecumseh Sherman's parents were Charles Robert Sherman and Mary Hoyt Sherman of Lancaster, Ohio. The following link is to the Sherman family papers at the University of Notre Dame Archives.

Is General Sherman a coniferous or deciduous tree?

The General Sherman is a conifer.

When did General Sherman incident happen?

General Sherman incident happened in 1866.

Who burned atlanta during the civil war?

William Tecumseh Sherman. And to this day, no Southerner will ever name his child Sherman.

What was the controversy between generals US Grant and William T. Sherman after the capture of Atlanta in 1864?

After the capture of Atlanta by Major General William T. Sherman he stayed there for over a month. His plan to leave some forces behind to deal with Confederate General John Bell Hood was discussed with General in Chief US Grant. Sherman wanted to push forward to Savannah Georgia. Grant was initially opposed to Sherman's plan and judged it to be too risky. He preferred that Sherman take care of Hood himself before marching to Savannah. Sherman finally convinced Grant that his move would be worth the risk. Finally Grant agreed and Sherman left Atlanta on November 16, 1864 and began his famous "March to the Sea".

What led many slaves to believe they would be able to finally own land in the south?

General Sherman's special field order number 15

What led many freed slaves to believe the would finally be able to own land in the south?

General Sherman's Special Field Order No. 15.

Who is the Union general who waged total war on the south?

William T Sherman

What was General Sherman famous for?

General Sherman is well known for Sherman's march. Which is where he and his soldiers marched from Savannah to the coast and burned everything on their way there.

Was William T. sherman union or confederate?

General William T. Sherman was a General for the Union Army.