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Hazrat Muhammad asked people to be just and kind to one another. This is what he said about justice.

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Q: What did hazrat Muhammad say about Justice?
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What did Hazrat Muhammad say about equality of humans?

Hazrat Muhammad says about equality of humans that righteousness was the one criteria to determine one's superiority.

Who was hazrat Muhammad p.b.u.h?

Hazrat Muhammad pbuh is last prophet of the God .

Was Abdullah dead when Muhammad was born?

Hazrat Abdullah was the most beloved son of Hazrat Abdul Mutalib. He was the father of Hazrat Muhammad (SAW). Hazrat Abdullah had dies a few months before the birth of Hazrat Muhammad (SAW).

When did hazrat Muhammad go on sky?

Hazrat MUHAMMAD PBUH go on sky on 14 August

Who is jamia quran if hazrat umer or hazrat abu bakkar siddique or hazrat ali?

hazrat abu bakkar siddique(R.A)

Hazrat muhammad peace be upon him funeral?

The funeral of Hazrat Muhammad is offered to give peace to the prophet.

How was Hazrat Uthman related to Prophet Muhammad saw?

Hazrat Uthman was son in law of H Muhammad saw .

What is the name of mother of Hazrat Muhammad SA W's mother?

The name of Hazrat Muhammad's (SAW) mother is Aminah bint Wahb.

What did Hazrat Muhammad say about universal brotherhood?

Muslims believe in universal brotherhood. Hazrat Mohammed said that all humans came from the same man and woman.

Who is Muhammad father?

hazrat Abdullah bin Hashim

What is the name of hazrat Muhammad drinking water pot?

The name of Hazrat Muhammad's drinking water pot was called "Saqiya."

Hazrat Muhammad pbuh did have children?

Hazrat Muhammad s.a.w had 4 daughters named Ruqayya, Zainab, Umm-e-qulthum, and fatima.