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A son never forgets

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Because he always carries a Radio around with him.

The 2003 film "Radio" is rated PG.

Radio film was a pure flop. Very few people went to watch that movie. The movie did not even earn the amount put into making the movie.

the movie radio is based off a true story it focuses on a mentally challenged teen in 1976.

no it is not a true move

The 2003 movie Radio was directed by Mike Tolin. It was based on a true story of a high school football coach Harold Jones played by Ed Harris in the movie.

Yes. It was in the movie Empire Records.

the Rising Action is when johnny (quarterback) sends radio into the girls locker room

depends what your style is

The Movie I believe takes place in Anderson, South Carolina

The characters are always 'tuning'

With more and more people owning televisions, fewer were attending movie theaters and listening to radio.

The type of music that Radio Mirchi plays include the latest Hindi songs, regional songs and Bollywood songs. They also do movie reviews and song/movie news.

South Carolina <-- Answered By @PrettyBoiMusic .. For Any Questions About Entertainment Or The Music or Movie Industries, Get At Me On Twitter!!

2003. Starring Cuba Gooding Jr.

on the 9 th of march 2012 (in Canda)

The 1992 movie Radio Flyer was filmed at a variety of locations in California. There were scenes filmed in Columbia State Historic Park (California), as well as Los Angeles, Novato and Ignacio California.

In 1917, he received the Institute of Radio Engineers Medal of Honor. In 1919, the French government gave him the Legion of Honor. In 1941, he received the Franklin Medal. In 1942, he received the AIEE's Edison Medal.

18 I believe. His birth year is 1946 according to wikipedia and the coach first saw him in 1964 according to their website

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It was by David Bowie.... btw. good choice in films! amazing movie....