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What did it say about his power level?


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IT'S OVER 9000! *breaks the scouter in his hand*

''What 9000?!''

It eventually exceeded 21000 when Bulma checked via another scouter. ⌐_⌐

IT'S OVER... WAIT THE SCOUTER IS UPSIDE DOWN... IT'S *in not yelling voice* 1006. -_-

It's less then 9000!!

Vegeta actually says "It's over 8000!" but it was translated wrong from Japanese to English!

Oh no!! Then Nappa should've yelled "What?! Only 8000?!!"

After the Ginyu Force arrived on Planet Namek, Ginyu's scouter eventually read Goku's power level to be over 190,000 (or is it 180,000)!!!

When he becomes SSJ, he goes to about 15 million.