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Women and children worked the factories supporting the war effort (the same as in the other warring countries), the men were conscripted (drafted) into military service).

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Q: What did japan do in order to address labor shortages during the war?
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How did Japan address labor shortages during World War II?

Japanese military used Chinese and Koreans as forced labor as well as forcing POW's to do work. Unable to fight their captives many resorted to doing things like slowing production and making items that would break easily. Germany had the same problems.

What are the causes of labor unrest?

The Food shortages

Did the black plague lead to labor shortages?


Why did Mexican-Americans employment rate in the US during the early 1940s result from?

War time labor shortages in the u.s.

The increase in the number of Mexican-Americans employed in the US during the early 1940s resulted from?

War time labor shortages in the u.s.

What did the labor shortages in the southern colonies eventually lead to be used as?

It eventually led to the creation of the Headright System in 1618, which was an attempt to eliminate the overwhelming labor shortages in the colonies, particularly in the South.

How did Europeans address labor shortages in the areas they colonized?

To fill the labor shortage, Las Casas urged colonists to import workers from Africa. He believed that Africans were immune to tropical diseases and had skills in farming, mining, and metalworking.

What Does Labor Shortages Mean?

it means the shortage of labor workers or that there is no enough workersl employees to do the work in a nation.

How did wartime labor shortages affect unions and volunteer organizations?

Wartime shortages affected just about everyone including unions and volunteer organizations. Pay raises and striking were limited during the war and volunteers were expected to work many hours.

The Black Death ultimately resulted in?

freedom for serfs because of labor shortages.

What were living conditions like during the black death?

During the plague and immediately fallowing there were labor shortages. This lead to higher pay and more opportunities for working class survivors. Overall living conditions were improved.

How did europeans deal with labor shortages before turning to slavery?

If I knew I wouldnt be here.

What is the significance of the Headright System?

The significance was that the Headright System solved the labor shortages in the Virginia Colony.

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I am trying to find out what industries have the greatest shortage of labour within holland

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child labor laws

How many people in Japan have a job?

The labor force in Japan is about 70,000,000.

Why was the plantation system developed in the south?

labor shortages, slavery and cash crops led to the development of the Plantation system.

Is Japan Friends With China?

Japan and China were not friendly. Japan invaded China and used them as forced labor.

What is the web address of the American Labor Museum in Haledon New Jersey?

The web address of the American Labor Museum is:

Why japan didn't support its colonies during world war 2?

Japan used it's conquered territories to support their war efforts. Labor, raw materials, sea ports, airfields, etc.

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Japan Labour Union League was created in 1926.

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No, it did not. If you're on Castle Learning and one of the choices is the Black Plague led to labor shortages, that's the answer.

How did MOST American businesses attempt to deal with the labor shortages that potentially affected their businesses?

They hired increased numbers of women and African Americans.