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Q: What did joseph lister invented?
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Who invented antiseptics?

Joseph Lister . . .

Who invented Antisepsis?

Joseph Lister

Who invented antiseptic antiseptic?

Joseph Lister

Who invented first antiseptic?

Joseph Lister invented the first antiseptic.

When did Joseph Lister invent antiseptics?

He invented in 1869 :)

Who invented first antiseptic wipes?

joseph lister

What was Joseph Lister's inventions?

Joseph Lister invented "a machine that pumped out a fine mist of carbolic acid into the air around an operation."

Who first invented disinfectant?

Sir Joseph Lister/phenol.

What country is Joseph Lister from?

He is from England, and was born to Mary and Joseph Jackson Lister. His father invented the turret on the microscope, which saved considerable time in analysis and sample observation.

Did Joseph Lister have a child?

Joseph Lister and Agnes Symes Lister had no children during their marriage.

What was Joseph lister's parents name?

Isabella Harris and Joseph lister

When did Joseph Lister's wife die?

when did Joseph Lister wife die

Are there any school named after the named Joseph lister?

the school called after Joseph Lister is called: Lister Community School the school called after Joseph Lister is called: Lister Community School

What has the author Joseph Lister Lister written?

Joseph Lister Lister has written: 'The collected papers of Joseph, Baron Lister' -- subject(s): Aseptic and antiseptic Surgery, Bacteriology, Medicine, Surgery

Who invented antiseptic surgery?

Joseph Lister was the first person to invent antiseptic surgery.

Who is listerine named after?

It was named after British surgeon Joseph Lister who invented antiseptic surgery.

Did Joseph Lister have children?

No, Joseph Lister and his only wife Agnes had no children.

When was Joseph Lister born?

Joseph Lister was born on April 5, 1827.

What is Joseph Lister's birthday?

Joseph Lister was born on April 5, 1827.

When was Joseph Lister - cricketer - born?

Joseph Lister - cricketer - was born in 1930.

When did Joseph Lister - cricketer - die?

Joseph Lister - cricketer - died in 1991.

Who is Agnes Lister?

it's Joseph lister's wife.

Did Joseph Lister consent to using his name on Listerine?

How did joseph lister invent listerine?

What college did Joseph Lister go to?

Joseph lister went to the university college in London

What has the author Joseph Lister written?

Joseph Lister has written: 'The third Huxley lecture'