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Q: What did liliuokalani do as head of the Oni pa'a?
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How do you defeat oni?

The horns of an oni are the source of it power. Break the horns, and the oni will be reduced to nothing, just as a kappa who has had the water poured out of his head. *Source: Usagi Yojimbo.*

Tagalog for toe?

The answer is "paa". > "daliri sa paa", i think paa is foot.

Did Liliuokalani have any children?

Liliuokalani did not have any children.

When does the Oni appear in Ao Oni?

One place that Oni appears in Ao Oni is in the library.

When was Liliuokalani born?

Liliuokalani was born on 1838-09-02.

What are some 1st-tier games based on Ao Oni?

A few 1st tier games based on Ao Oni are Abe Oni, Aka Oni,Akame Oni, and Ao Oni Plus.

What is feet in Filipino?

foot: paa feet: mga paa

When was Paa released?

Paa was released on 12/04/2009.

When was Paa Grant born?

Paa Grant was born in 1878.

When did Paa Grant die?

Paa Grant died in 1956.

When was Alluitsup Paa created?

Alluitsup Paa was created in 1830.

What is the population of Alluitsup Paa?

Alluitsup Paa's population is 303.