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What did loyalists do during the war?


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They support the British effort with providing food and housing as well as hosting parties for officers. At the end of the war 53,000 of the loyalist had to leave for Canada since they were considered traitors.

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The loyalists were supporters of the British during the war.

Some people were imprisoned for being loyalists during the Revolutionary War. Most of then were put in jail for actually helping the British.

During the American Revolution, loyalists were the colonists who had decided to stay 'loyal' to the British crown.

The patriots and loyalists technically fought during the Revolutionary war. Although the war was mostly patriots vs Britain, the loyalists and patriots fought. One example Is Kings Mountain.

The loyalists supported the British and the Patriots sided with the rebels

The loyalists and tories were the colonists during the Revolutionary War who were against revolution and stayed loyal to the King of England.

The Loyalists first tried to prevent the American Revolution. During the war there were there were battles between the Patriots and the Loyalists. Had they succeeded, their effect on history would have been substantial. As it is, their effect was largely to prolong the war.

they were called the loyalists or, united empire loyalists. they fled to new brunswick and Canada after the revolutionary war. they were called the loyalists or, united empire loyalists. they fled to new brunswick and Canada after the revolutionary war.

They fought for independence during the war trying to destroy the loyalists and British colonists:)

during the revolutionary war, loyalists wanted america to stay a colony of england but patriots wanted independence

the loyalists gave the american war weapons to use for their war

No nation was truly 'divided' during the war. There were some people in America who supported the war(patriots) and those who did not support the war(loyalists).

During the revolutionary war, the Loyalists remained Loyal to the king.

During the revolutionary war they were called loyalists.

African-Americans during the Revolutionary War supported the British/Loyalists.

The united States agreed to return all rights and property taken from loyalists during the war. Many loyalists did not trust the treaty's promise of fair treatment and for good reason. During the war, loyalists had been badly treated by Patriots. More than 80,000 black and white loyalists left the united states to settle in British Canada.

During the Revolutionary War, there were 3 groups, Patriots who supported American freedom, Loyalists, who supported Britain, and Neutralists, who did not take any side.

Florida served as a safe haven for loyalists escaping the fighting of the northern colonies during the Revolutionary War. The British evacuation of loyalists from St. Augustine is well documented.

There are loyalists in almost every war. Without specifying a war, this question is unanswerable. In some wars, like the American Revolution, loyalists experienced minimal recriminations and many decided to become citizens of the new republic. There were some instances where Loyalist business owners were attacked by revolting citizens, and subjected to such abuse as "Tarring-and-Feathering." In France, numerous loyalists were hunted down and executed during the French Revolution.

The "Red Coats," after the color of their uniforms. Loyalists

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