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Some people were imprisoned for being loyalists during the Revolutionary War. Most of then were put in jail for actually helping the British.

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Q: Were the loyalists during the Revolutionary War imprisoned?
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About what percentt of Americans were Loyalists during the Revolutionary War?


What action was taken by about 100000 Loyalists during and after the Revolutionary War?

Which event was most likely to have pleased the Loyalists

Loyalists could not recover the property confiscated from the during?

Revolutionary War

Name for british loyalists during the revolutionary war?

Redcoats or Lobsterbacks

During the revolutionary war people who sided with the king of England were known as?

The Loyalists

How did Florida get involved into the Revolutionary War?

Florida served as a safe haven for loyalists escaping the fighting of the northern colonies during the Revolutionary War. The British evacuation of loyalists from St. Augustine is well documented.

What is the meaning for people who remained loyal to Britain?

During the revolutionary war they were called loyalists.

What were English settlers called that remained true to England during the revolutionary war?

They were called loyalists.

How many loyalist fought with Great Britain during the Revolutionary War?

100,000 Loyalists left

Another name for a loyalist was?

Loyalists were also called traitors during the revolutionary war and, were commonly tar and feathered when the colonists won the revolutionary war.

How did the end of the revolutionary war affect the loyalists?

By the end of the Revolutionary War the loyalists many had to return to England. They were hated and not welcome by most of the colonist.

What is another name for Loyalists?

Another name for a loyalist is Tory. Torries or loyalists were people who remained loyal to England during the Revolutionary war.