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After he became a prophet, he was a prophet his whole life. He died a prophet.

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yes prophet mohamed had kids

First of all it is who is Mohamed Mohamed peace be abone him is a prophet for Muslims and is the last prophet who was sent a message of Islam to the Muslims from Allah.

A True God or a prophet of God would not die of food or poison as a human being that buddha and mohamed suffered.

Christians respect Mohamed, but they do not believe that he is a prophet in the same sense as the other biblical prophets.

the final prophet of Islam was prophet mohamed (SAW)

No, the Christians do not recognise Mohammed as any kind of prophet.

The Prophet Mohamed PBUH has in fact many miracles but the most important one is the qur'an since he's illeterate

Prophet Mohamed Participated in 28 Wars..

Prophet Muhammad was descendant of Prophet Ibrahiem.

Around year 632 AD, God revelation of Quran to Prophet Mohamed through the Angel Gabriel (Jibril) was completed. This was the year of death of the Prophet (peace upon him). Quran revelation to prophet Mohamed started in year 610 AD (when prophet Mohamed was 40 years old).

As there are well over a billion Muslims it would be the Prophet Mohamed. Worldwide, Prophet Mohamed is more famous than Lady Gaga It all depends on where you are. In the Middle East, the Prophet Mohammad is definately more famous. In the United States, it would probably be Lady Gaga. Many Americans dont know who the Prophet Mohammad is.

the prophet Mohammad peace be upon him had no brother, he was an only child and an orphan

you can read more about profit Mohamed (peace upon him .)

He is the descendant of his son, Ismael.

Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) died in year 632 AD.

The prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) died in 632, shortly after returning from his pilgrimage.

Prophet Mohamed (peace upon him) was born in year 570. First revelation of Quran by God to him was in year 610 (at age 40 years old) through the Angel Jbril (or Gabriel). Revelation of Quran continued until Prophet Mohamed death in year 632. So, Prophet Mohamed (peace upon him) preached for about 22 years. Note the name Mohamed may be splelled Muhammad or Mohammad.

Islam started when prophet Mohamed peace be upon him received his first revelation about 1440 years ago in Makkah Prophet Mohamed is Arabic, his teachings are to all humanity.

* Prophet Mohamed (s.a.s) * Adam

he died when he was 63 years old

Mohamed is the name of the Founder of Islam.

He was married multiple times. Be more specific.

He grew in Mecca until 53 years.

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