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What did one car muffler say to another car muffler?

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"Shut your pipe hole!!"

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How bad is water in your muffler?

just if your worried buy a new muffler. but i would say not to bad. it will dry up. It really depends how much water you are talking about. Was water placed into the muffler say during a car wash? Or could it be coolant from a blown head gasket? Most modern mufflers actually create water through a chemical reaction. So if you are seeing a little drip out of the drain hole you are probably ok.

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Choosing a Muffler Repair Shop?

The muffler is also known as the silencer, and it is the part of the car that is meant to quiet the noise that results from the combustion of the gasses inside the car. The muffler is formed of a series of tubes, and these tubes reflect the sound waves from the combustion, causing them to cancel out. The combustion sounds bounce off of the muffler's back wall before entering a hole that leads to the main part of the muffler's body. As the sound is bounced through the muffler, it becomes weaker and weaker, eventually creating the quiet sound that is simply a byproduct of a car that runs smoothly. For the most part, muffler repair is not something that you have to think about. The muffler can function for years before it needs to be repaired and replaced, but as soon as problems are noticed, they need to be attended to. When considering whether or not muffler repair shops are necessary, listen to the car. Most people understand that a loud backfiring sound or any sort of explosive noise requires a mechanic's expertise, but the truth of the matter is that even a change in the sounds of your car starting up can indicate a problem. Even if the sounds quiet after a few moments, it is essential to take the muffler in for inspection. Similarly, consider the exhaust that is produced from the car's tailpipe. If you can detect any sign that the exhaust is getting into the car rather than being safely expelled outwards, take the car to the mechanic immediately. A faulty muffler may also be indicated by decreased gas mileage. Cars that have problems and which need muffler repair tend to require more gas to get to where they are going, and over time, this can drastically affect the amount of money that is put into the car. When looking for muffler repair shops, remember to choose a place that comes well-recommended. Look up any prospective place online and see what other people have to say. Ideally, ask friends or family where they go and who they work with. For the health of your car, take care of its muffler and get any problems fixed as soon as possible.

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Someone stole your converter off your 2004 Nissan frontier muffler shops say only dealer part can replace it but you see several dealers that have oe replacements what's up?

muffler shop doesnt want to do the job just go to one of the places you have seen that have them

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