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nothing, dogs can't talk.

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Q: What did one dog say to other dog?
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What did one dog say to the other dog?

nothing, dogs can't talk.

What did one dog say to the other?

nothing, dogs can't talk.

How do you say dog in the Zulu language?

One can say dog in the Zulu language as phikiza.

Why did the dog say wolf?

to get to the other side!

What did the dog say to the other dog before sharing his food?

bone apletit

How do you say dog in Indonesian?

They call dog "anjing" but if you just say "anjing" without any other words they will think that you called them a dog

What is the difference between A and The?

When you say something like "A dog jumped" you are talking about one among several. In other words, "A dog" means that there are several dogs but only one jumped ."The dog jumped" means that there was only one around. It's the only dog to be seen.

Why should some one get a dog?

you will say a dog is a best friend

How do you get over the passing of your dog?

It is best to get another dog to help you get back with your life . It would be best to get one but you will always have your other dog in your heart and every now and then you should say a prayer .

Dog barks at one neighbors dog and not at the others neighbors dogs what do you do?

If your dog does this when you are walking your dog then just stop, correct your dog by saying "NO", turning and walking the other way so the dog has no chance to react, etc. Praise the dog when it does not respond negatively to the other dog. It may take a little while to train your dog not to bark when you say no but it can be done.

How do you say black dog in latin?

English: black dog Latin: canem nigrum There are also other ways to write, or say it.

How do you say female dog in french?

One female dog - une chienne female dog - chienne

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