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His life.

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Did Oskar Schindler win any awards?

Schindler was awarded the "Righteous Among the Nations" title in recognition of his efforts to save Jews during the Holocaust at great personal risk.

Why did Oskar Schindler risk his life for the Jews?

Because he disagreed with Hitler. He didn't want to let those people die.

What is the ISBN of Lives at Risk?

The ISBN of Lives at Risk is 0742541525.

How many pages does Lives at Risk have?

Lives at Risk has 727 pages.

Why do the secret service risk their lives for the president?

They risk their lives because if they don't they will be fired.

What do you think Reconstruction had on the lives of freedom?

to risk lives

How was Oskar Schindler different from the other Germans?

He was Different insofar as he was in a position where he was able to protect some of the people that were used as slaves by the Germans from being killed during the war. He did this at great risk to his own safety because he felt is was the right thing to do. this did not necessarily make him different from other Germans there were many Germans that were against the regime that ran Germany in those days.

How do firefighters risk their lives?

By going into burning places and trying to save lives

Why do people risk their loves during volcanoes and earthquakes?

people risk their lives because they might not have anything to live for. people might risk their lives because they can't get out of a particular place such as a building. they might risk their life because they want too.

Why do people risk their lives climbing mt everest?

Many risk their lives climbing Mount Everest for the adrenaline rush or knowing that they are on the extreme edge of living or diying.

Why do you think so many climbers are willing to risk their lives to climb Mount Everest?

Climbers risk their lives by climbing on Mount Everest for the thrill, challenge and adventure.

What did Lewis and Clark risk by going on the expedition?

they risked it by putting their own lives in risk that the risks they toulk

Why would people risk their lives for democracy?

They would be able to have freedom and live happier lives from that point on.

Why did people risk there lives in the crusade?

because they did not want to die

What risk did the colonists take by writing this?

They faced Death and risking their lives.

How can you manage the risk that earthquakes have on the lives on people?

interestingly payment terms

People of what descent are at the highest risk of Tay-Sachs disease?

The highest risk seems to be in people of Eastern European and Russian Jewish (Ashkenazi) descent.

Who is at risk of Obessive- compulsive disorder?

Everyone who lives under stress.

What is the threat of war?

the threat is that people risk their lives in wars and fight for peace

What is the significance of the army day?

to notice the people in the army who risk their lives for us

Are vaccinations worth the risk?

Yes, Because they save more lives then they do kill.

How did non Jews risk their lives to help Jews during the Holocaust?

holocustMen and Women who were not Jewish could help Jews in many ways one of these was taking them into hiding this could be in their house or it could in the back of their business like Anne Frank. If the Nazi Parties found out you would be sent to a concentration camp orr prison with the Jewish people.

Who was involved in the resistance and rescue movement during the Holocaust?

There are between 16 and 20 thousand persons named and honored by the Israeli government who have been named at the museum called Yad Vashem as a "Righteous Few" or "Righteous Diplomat" or "Righteous Person". Some of the names are familiar like Oskar Schindler, Per Anger and Raoul Wallenberg. Others are obscure like Chiue Sugihara of Japan and Feng-Shan Ho of China. They come from countries around the world. These are people who saved thousands and those who were able to shelter only a few, all did so at great personal risk. Some have chosen to remain anonymous. Each is awarded a medal inscribed with the Talmudic phrase "Whoever saves a single soul, it is as if he had saved the entire world." A band of Jewish and non-Jewish peoples who fought the Nazis and Saved the Jews

What did Hidalgo accomplish?

He made more people want to risk their lives for the independence of Mexico.

What are the four ways in which an earthquake puts people lives at risk?

well why dont you know then