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Since Paganism is the oldest and original religion, I believe you could say that Paganism and thus pagans influences all religions in the world. It's hard to believe but many religions based their belief systems on preexisting pagan beliefs. One example would be the trinity of the Catholic church is based on pagan beliefs.

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Q: What did pagans influence on religion?
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How do you use the word pagans in a sentence?

The Pagans religion is mixed with the Catholic religion.

What is vikings religion?

Mostly Anti religion, some pagans.

What was the primary religion in the middle colonies?

They were Pagans

What religion is a main religion for polytheistics?

Most polytheistics consider themselves to be "Pagans".

What was religion in mecca in AD 300?

The majority were pagans.

What religion were the Irish when Saint Patrick went over to Ireland?

They were pagans.

What religion were the Mesopotamian civilizations?

They were polytheistic pagans who worshiped various gods and goddesses.

Who were the pagans in roman mythology?

Those who believed in the gods of Roman mythology were pagans - (that is the Roman state and citizens). This is because a pagan is an adherent of a polytheistic religion in antiquity.

Does our culture influence our religion or our religion influence our culture?

Both, but mostly the latter.

Do pagans believe in the supernatural?

the entire religion is based on the supernatural and magic and the goddess. The short answer: YES!

Why are pagans against lesbians?

We aren't. People against lesbians are homophobics, which can be found in any religion.

What is the major influence in Hindu religion?

i think the major influence in Hindu is the gods and the religion followings and believes.