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In Roll of Thunder, Papa tells the kids not to go near the Wallace Store. This is due to the rough crowd there, drinking, smoking, and generally causing a lot of trouble.

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What store doesn't the Logan family shop at in roll of thunder hear my cry?

The Wallace Store

In Roll of Thunder Hear My Cry what chapter did mr Morrison teach Stacey to admit his faults after going to the Wallace store?

chapter 4

What is a character trait of Stacey Logan in the book roll of thunder?

Loyal- When he tries his best to follow his parent's orders of not going to the Wallace Store.

What is the Wallace store like in Roll of Thunder Hear My Cry?

The Wallace Store is a store that plays music, sells beverages and food. The Wallaces are using their company to corrupt peoples money.

Why does Stacey disobey his parents and go to the wallace store in the book Roll of Thunder Hear My Cry?

to go beat up T.J

What did papa demand the childrens swear to in roll of thunder hear my cry?

He made them swear to never go to the Wallace store, because he knows that the Wallaces, a white family are very violent and rasist. He wants to keep his children safe from the Wallaces.

On the book Roll of Thunder Hear My Cry by Mildred D Taylor why are some of the families shopping in Vicksburg?

The families shop at Vicksburg to boycott the Wallace store.

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Why does Stacey go to the Wallace's store in roll of thunder hear my cry?

He goes to the Wallace store because T.J is hiding there and T.J knows Stacey isn't allowed there. Stacey is mad at T.J because he got whipped in class for cheating, even though he wasn't cheating.

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the barnett's store in strawberry

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