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what did the peasants do in the middle ages

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Q: What did peasants do at renaissance faires?
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What cities are known for holding Renaissance Faires?

Renaissance Faires are usually held in various cities, mainly in the United States. Some of those cities including Kansas City and CIty of Albuquerque.

What is the difference between middle age and renaissance in peasants?

Peasants would not have noticed any difference.

What did peasants eat during the renaissance?

bread and beans

How did the Renaissance effect the life's of peasants?

As Medieval Europe transformed into the Renaissance, peasants gradually became tenant farmers rather than serfs under a feudal system.

Northern Renaissance differed from Italian Renaissance painters because they?

depicted lush landscapes and happy peasants.

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Why did peasants and women benefit little from the Renaissance?

they had fewer rights

What are the three estates of renaissance society?

The clergy, the nobility, and the peasants.

Northern Renaissance painters differed from Italian Renaissance painters because they?

depicted lush landscapes and happy peasants.

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What were three estates into which Renaissance society was divided?

The nobility, middle class, and peasants or lower class.

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With the use of a yoke. See the link below for a picture of one being used.

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