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poop mobile

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Q: What did pee-wee call his bike in pee-wee's movie?
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What did pee-wee Herman call his bike in pee-wee's movie?

"the keenest bike in the world".

What do you call a bike in hawaiian?

Bike = Paikikala

What do you call someone who rides a bike?

You could call a person who rides a bike a bicyclist.

What do you call a professional bike rider?

A Cyclist.

What do you call when you ride your bike twice?


What do you call a person who rides a bike?


What do you call a one wheeled bike in common?

What's a bike with only one wheel called

What do you call a cyclist dressed in black?

a bike ninja

Can you drive a pocket bike in Ontario?

call MTO

What do you call it when you ride your bike around the block?


Does this bike monitor your progress?

This bike features what they call a "manager mode" which tracks long-term progress.

How can i find the year of my Suzuki RM250 dirt bike?

look on the front on the frame you will see a vin numberwrite that down and call a dirt bike mechanic or call suzuki

What do you call a oval track for bikes?

A bike oval lol

Che Guevara's motorcycle?

If you mean the bike on which they toured South America: Alberto Granado was the owner of the bike, a 500cc Norton according to Che's book "The Motorcycle Diaries" in which they call it "El Ponderoso II", "the powerful one". It was a single cylinder carbureted bike. The one in the movie was a stand-in and a overhead-valve model.

Is the book Call of the Wild a movie?

Yes, The Call of The wild is a movie

How much is monkey bike insurance?

Call and ask your insurance agent.

What do i do if i am bord?

you can call someone you can colour a book you can ride a bike or a scooter

What do you call a push bike that is have road half mountain?

If it's got drop bars it's called a cyclocross (CX) bike

What happen if a motorcycle is stolen within fourteen days of purchase?

The manafacture of the bike should replace it, or otherwise call the police. I doubt that the manufacturer will replace your bike and yes you should call the cops. You should have insurance on a brand new bike that would cover that if you are a smart person.

Do you need to register a 50cc dirt bike?

You do not normally have to register a dirt bike! But you can call the local DMV or Tag office and be sure. Good Luck

Is Call of Duty a movie?

No, Call of Duty is not a movie it is a first-person shooter game for PC.

What shall you call your horror movie?

a horror movie

What is the Kannada word for 'bike'?

In Kannada, we call it Dwi-chakra vahana. (two wheeler)

What do you call the driver of a motorcycle?

Motor cycle Rider, bike rider, horse rider

When my daughter fell off her bike she got a bruise on her belly and now it is getting bigger and she fell off her bike 5 days ago?

Call your doctor