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what did people think of the Holocaust that was reported during world war two?

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How did the rest of the world respond to the Holocaust?

other countries hated holocaust, (except the axis) because it was killing millions of people

What did the rest of the world do about the genocide in the Holocaust?

They didn't know about the holocaust so they could not do anything about it _______ The Holocaust was well known in Allied countries by late 1942 and was reported in the media and discussed in public. However, in practical terms it is hard to see what could have done.

During the Holocaust what were the three countries were allied with the US?

The question confuses the Holocaust (the Nazi genoicide of the Jews) with World War 2. The Holocaust took place during World War 2, but the two are not the same. Key allies of the US included: * Britain * The Soviet Union * China * Canada * Australia

Why were people at first hesitant to think or talk about the horrible events that had occurred during the Holocaust?

1. People wanted to get on with their postwar lives. 2. The Holocaust was not seen as fundamentally different from Nazi atrocities in general. 3. In the Allied countries people were far most interested in the heroic deed and other exploits of their own nationals in World War 2.

What countries were allied in World War 1?

the allied countries were Russia, France, the u.s., great Britain (England), and Serbia.

What were the 12 allied powers in world war 2?

actually there was 61 allied countries

Why was the world silent during the Holocaust?

The 'world' didn't care. __________ A lot of the world didn't know the situation was as bad as it was in Europe during that time. ___________ Actually, the Holocaust was regularly reported in the media in Allied and neutral countries from November 1942 on, but seems not to have registered widely. Part of the trouble was that in practical terms there was very little that the Allies could do about it - and of course many people just didn't care.

What countries were allied with japan in world war 2?

Germany & Italy were allied to Japan in WWII.

which countries were the first to form the allied forces during world war ii?

Great Britain and France

What role did the Holocaust play in World War 2?

The role of the holocaust in WW2 was major. It is what made people decide what side to fight for. Many countries didn't believe that killing millions of innocent people was right so the joined the allied forces in a fight to stop it. ___ Until 1944 the British and US governments didn't want to know about the Holocaust. It was not widely reported or widely discussed in the media, so I don't see how "It is what made people decide what side to fight for". Countries fought for perceived national interest, not to stop the Holocaust.s

What lessons has the world learned from the Holocaust?

the world learned to except people for who they are as humans and not by judging there race or religion. also that what happened during the Holocaust was horrible and inhuman. the Holocaust was a very dark time in worlds history. and some countries have yet to learn there lesson.

How does the Holocaust relate to today's world?

The holocaust was one persons hate against the Jews. That is like world today. A group of people could hate one person so it is about the same thing. And same with countries. A group of countries could hate a single country.

What countries were the allied countries in world war ii?

Some are Poland, England, France

Who are the people in the painting Pantheon de la Guerre?

It is a cyclorama, the largest painting in the world, so it is quite a list of people shown in it. It has all the ally countries painted, so the answer would be, prominent people from Allied Countries in World War I.

Which countries were the allies in the Holocaust?

It sounds as if you are confusing the Holocaust with World War 2. The Holocaust took place during World War 2, but it was only one part of the war.

What were the allied powers world war 1?

some countries

What were the main countries involved in World War 2 and who were they allied with?

Germany, Japan and Italy were allied. Britain, France, U.S.A and Russia were allied.

What countries were targeted in the Holocaust?

I wonder if you are confusing the holocaust with World War 2. Please have a look at the related questions.

What is the third world nation?

During the Cold War, countries that allied themselves with the US and NATO were known as the 1st world. Countries that allied with the Soviet Union and the Warsaw Pact were the 2nd world. Countries that stayed nonaligned and neutral became known as the 3rd world. Today, third world nations refer to the poorest countries in the world.

What countries were allied with the nazis in world war 2?

The countries that were allied with the Nazis in World War 2 were Japan and Italy, but Italy fought against the Nazis with the Allies towards the end of the war.

Who were key people in World War 1?

Franz Ferdinand is one of the key people of course. His assassination in Sarajevo precipitated the Austrian declaration of war. This caused countries allied with Austria-Hungary (the Central Powers) and countries allied with Serbia (the Entente Powers) to declare war on each other, starting World War I.

What countries are in the allied forces?

The Allied Powers in World War I were the British Empire, France, and the Russian Empire. Some more countries came to be allies by treaty.

Which countries were allied with japan during world war 2?

Italy and Germany were allied to Japan during WWII.

What countries was the austro-Hungarian allied with during world war 1?

The austro hungarians allied with germany.

How did countries around the world respond to the Holocaust after World War 2?

Answer this question… They established a new category of crimes for actions similar to those of the Holocaust.