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Germany, Japan and Italy were allied.

Britain, France, U.S.A and Russia were allied.

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The main countries involved in the allied powers were Russia, China, France, England, and America. The main countries involved in the axis powers were Italy, Germany, and Japan. Canada would sometimes be seen with the allied powers, but they would never notice him, or they would mistake him as America.

the allied powers were the countries that were tossed in the middle of world war one and were asked by the main countries fighting to join the fight and they would hold bargans with the main countries.

there are 12 main countries that were involved in World War 1.

NewZealnd and Australia were the main countries that were involved

the countries involved in the battle of Tobruk were the allied and axis forces the main people from the two parties were: Italy, Germany, Britain, Australia and America.

Germany against the Allied Powers, there wasn't a main opponent for the Allies.

Most countries were involved in the war somehow, either directly or indirectly. Some major Allied countries include the United States, France, and Russia. The main Axis countries were Germany, Italy, and Japan.

What is the 3 main countries who were involved in the slave trade?

The Allied Forces: France, Britain, Russia, Japan, Italy and later America Central Powers: Germany, Austria-Hungary, Bulgaria and the Ottoman Empire.

Germany Was the main cause of WWII. France, UK got involved and then the USA. And lots of Jewish Countries.

There are a number of powers who were involved in the World War 1. Russia, Germany and France were the main countries in the war among others.

Russia, UK, and US ( even Italy, 2nd W.W., not sure) were the main countries of the allied power.

America was involved because they, with Britain and Canada were the main Allied Forces

United States,United Kingdom And france and maby Russia.

The United States, United Kingdom (mostly Britain), and Russia.

The United States, Great Britain, France, and the Soviet Union.

As the name implies, most countries were involved in World War 2 but the main ones were USA, Soviet Union, Great Britain, France, Italy, Japan, China, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Poland.

the four main countries in ww2 areamericaenglandgermanyjapan

The U.S. and Great Britain were the main leaders of the allied powers in WWII

The four main countries that made up the allied power during WW2 were Russia, United States, China, and Britain.

The 3 main armies in the "Allied Forces" were Britain, the Soviet Union, and the United States of America.

The Allied Powers were the main countries fighting Germany. They were Britain, USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, with many smaller countries.

There were many countries involved in this world wide chaos. But the main ones were: France, England, U.S, and of course Germany