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What did people use before cameras?

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Wealthy people would hire artist to draw them.

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What did people use before cameras where invented?


What was used before video cameras were invented?

Ordinary cameras that took 'still' photos. ------------------------------------------------------ No Before Video Cameras people used to use super 8mm and 8mm cine film cameras to take home movies.

What did people do before digital cameras?

they used film cameras

What did they use before digital camera?

Film cameras

When do people use camera?

People use cameras for many reasons. Cameras are used for special occasions, such as birthdays and weddings. Cameras are also used to take pictures of the sights of nature.

How much do people use cameras?

People use cameras to document everyday life as well as special occasions. Cameras are used to record the growth of babies to adults and to forever capture beautiful scenery.

How did people get picures of themselves before there were cameras?

They had their portraits painted.

What can you use to take pictures of people and things?

Digital cameras are great for taking pictures of people and things. Most people use digital cameras nowadays, but some people still use film which can be better quality.

How many people use cameras?

I think it is about 70%

Do people still use Cameras?

yes, cameras are a great thing to use, i take mine whenever i travel somewhere new :)

What did people do before cameras were invented?

that's when people are painting and making portraits as a picture.

Are red light cameras use infrared or flash cameras?

Red light cameras are usually high speed video cameras that use ambient light.

Are film cameras still relevant?

Film cameras are honestly about as relevant to people as VHS tapes are. Only a small selection of people still use them because of the cheap price, familiar ease of use, and so forth.

Why do people use security cameras that are wireless?

Wireless security cameras are able to be placed in a wider variety of locations compared to wired security cameras. This allows people to monitor locations that would be difficult to monitor if the camera were restricted by wires.

Types of cameras?

There are digital cameras that are just point and shoot and easy for people to use. Then there are DSLR cameras that allow for more control over the pictures and different lenses can be changed out for creative shots.

Where can I learn about infra red cameras?

Infrared cameras use heat to create an image, rather than color. People use infrared cameras to take images at night, when color isn't readily visible. Try for more info.

What are 35mm cameras used for?

Before the advent of digital cameras, 35mm cameras were very popular. They can be used for taking any kind of photographs and are quite simple to use. They require to be loaded with a roll of film which is then developed and prints made.

Where do I get night cameras for camping?

Night vision cameras. Use our security cameras day and night. We have a large selection of day and night security cameras and night vision cameras.Night vision cameras. Use our security cameras day and night. We have a large selection of day and night security cameras and night vision cameras.

What was life like before cameras?

There were a lot more drawings and people had to rely on their memory a lot more.

Did people have cameras in the 19th century?

people did have cameras in the 19th century (1800's). they were like this:

What is a thermal infrared camera used for?

Thermal infrared cameras are used for many things. Examples of this are with firefighters. Firefighters use these cameras to see through smoke and possibly through walls. Also, police officers may use these cameras to seek out running criminals in the dark. People interested in the supernatural may additionally use thermal infrared cameras as it can help to see paranormal apparitions.

Why do people have cameras for their laptops?

The main reason people have cameras on their laptops is to video chat with other people. You can use services like skype that allows for a online phone call that you can see the other person in real time while talking with them.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Wireless Home Security Cameras?

People who are looking for affordable security cameras that are also easy to use should install wireless surveillance cameras. These cameras eliminate the lengthy cables and wires that are used in traditional home security cameras. In fact, standard cameras literally have hundreds of feet of wires. Wireless surveillance cameras use the same type of technology as routers, such as 2.4 GHz frequency for transmitting signals. However, the biggest concern with wireless cameras is interference with other wireless devices including routers and cordless phones.

Is a Fujifilm camera good?

Yes, Fujifilm cameras are good cameras to use.

Does cameras use copper?

Cameras are not made of copper they are made of a special metal.