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Q: What did people use projectile points for?
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What has the author Wm Jack Hranicky written?

Wm. Jack Hranicky has written: 'Prehistoric projectile points found along the Atlantic coastal plain' -- subject(s): Antiquities, Projectile points, Indians of North America 'Dictionary of terms for American prehistoric projectile points' -- subject(s): Dictionaries, Implements, Projectile points, Indian weapons, Indians of North America 'Projectile point types in Virginia and neighboring areas' -- subject(s): Antiquities, Projectile points, Catalogs, Indians of North America

What is the use of projectile gun?

To propel a projectile.

Are total length axial length maximum width basal width maximum thickness midsection thickness proximal shoulder angle notch opening and neck width examples of projectile points?

Yes. They are the ATTRIBUTES of the projectile points.

Can you use projectile in a sentence?

A projectile is an object thrown into the air with great force. (Is a sentence)

What are some Stone Age implements?

Choppers, grinding stones, knives, projectile points

What are projectile tips?

projectile point is an object that was hafted to a projectile, such as a spear, dart, or arrow, or perhaps used as a knife.Stone tools, including projectile points, can survive for long periods, were often lost or discarded, and are relatively plentiful, providing useful clues to the human past, including prehistoric trade. Scientific techniques exist to track the specific kinds of rock or minerals that used to make stone tools in various regions back to their original sources. Occasionally, projectile points made of worked bone or ivory are found at archaeological sites. In regions where metallurgy had emerged, projectile points were made fromcopper, bronze, or iron. In North America, some late prehistoric points were fashioned from copper that was mined in the Lake Superior region and elsewhere.

Projectile motion with the use of parabola?


What hunting tools did hopi use?

The Hopi used stone tools and made pottery for their daily use. There is a stone known as chert which can be flaked off into very sharp points for projectile points and other cutting tools.

Can you use projectile in an original sentence please?

as you can see from the slides, the projectile is embedded just under the left eye,

How to get points on prize rebel fast?

Use referrals, people follow a link and you get points.

What is the first step in the technology?

Technology can be simplified down to the use of environmental objects in way they were never intended. That is how the first tool were made, like stone hand axes, spears, and projectile points.

What projectile would you use for a rail gun?

l would use aluminum