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"The Outsiders" was Ponyboy's essay called. The whole book was his essay.

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How did the story end from the outsiders?

the story ends when ponyboy is writeing the essay for school

What topic did ponyboy choose for his English essay?

the tragic events of the past week.

Who is ponyboy in The Outsiders name?

As far as the reader is aware, he claims his real name is Ponyboy Curtis.

What did ponyboy end up doing for his english assignment?

He writes an essay called The Outsiders, which, of course, is the book.

What made ponyboy begin writing his English theme?

his teacher made him write a special essay assignment

What is the birth name of Chris Essay?

Chris Essay's birth name is Christopher Essay.

What is ponyboy Curtis real name?

Ponyboy Curtis is his real name. The book says a couple of times that it says so on his birth certificate.

Was Ponyboy in The Outsiders single?

no, ponyboy wasnt single he went out with a girl name ashley they broke up and had a agruement ! :(

What is ponyboys real name in the ousiders?

Ponyboy Curtis is his real name.

What was Ponyboy's last name?

Ponyboy's last name is Curtis, and Ponyboy is his real name.

Can you start an essay with you?

what ever you you are talking about you need you to start an essay/ you don't have to start an essay with you .You can star it with a name of a place

What is ponyboys full name in The Outsiders?

His full name was Ponyboy Michael Curtis

What is the essay about dueling?

There is no one essay about dueling. Many people have written essays - if you want to find one particular essay, you should include the name of the essay and/or the author.

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