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By a special Proclamation, Lincoln declared the existence of an insurgency, and asked the State Governors 75,000 volunteers to repress it.

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Q: What did president Lincoln ask the state governors after the fall of fort Sumter?
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Who appoints the state governors?

In the US, state governors are chosen by popular election. The people choose governors.

Who has the power of state legislatures and governors?

The president

Who is the president of Washington State?

None is President of Washington State. Sates have Governors, not Presidents.

Are govenors appointed by the president?

Governors of what? U.S. States? No. U.S. State Governors generally are elected in popular vote by the State electorate.

What caused the battle of fort Sumter?

Lincoln wanting south Carolina to be a free state.

What is a power that state governors have that the president does not?

a line item veto

Are governors appointed by the President of the US and confirmed by the Supreme Court?

No, governors are elected by the people of a state. Federal judges are appointed by the President and confirmed by Congress.

Why do you think confederate forces attacked fort Sumter and when they did?

To assert their nationhood. Sumter was in South Carolina, founder-state of the Confederacy - a nation that Lincoln did not recognise.

Can state governors remove president?

Yes and no. The governors have no legal way to remove a president from his office in the constitution. Governors can however call for a constitutional convention and make a new constitution. So yes they can remove a president, just not quickly.

Which state did not leave the Union when President Lincoln called for troops after Fort Sumter?

Most didn't, for obvious reasons. Do you mean 'Which slave-states did not leave the Union?' They were Missouri, Kentucky, Maryland and Delaware.

What is the power that most state governors have that the president does not?

a line item veto

Who was the first governor of Idaho?

George Laird Shoup was the 17th and last of the Territorial Governors of the Territory of Idaho, and the first Governor of the State of Idaho. William H. Wallace, who was appointed by President Abraham Lincoln, was the first of the Territorial Governors. A link is provided for you to look over the list of all the Territorial and State Governors of the State of Idaho. You'll find that like below. The current governor of Idaho is Butch Otter