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After reading his mother's books in school, SE Hinton's son, Nick Hinton, had a lot to say about his mother's writing. He shared his thoughts in an interview with The New York Times, stating that he was surprised by the impact of his mother's writing and the way it resonated with students. Nick said that, growing up, he didn't realize the depth and power of his mother's writing until he was an adult, and he was shocked to see it come alive in the classroom. He noted that his mother always wrote with an eye towards the realities of teenage life, and that her books had a strong moral core. He said that the stories were often intense and honest, but always aimed at providing a moral lesson. He said that her writing was a source of inspiration for his own work and that reading it in school made him feel incredibly proud of his mother's legacy. Nick concluded by saying that it was amazing to see his mother's work celebrated in school, and that it was a reminder of how powerful storytelling can be.

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that's still true
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that is still tru anyways
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Q: What did se Hintons son say about his mothers writing after reading it in school?
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