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In honor of Walt Disney, Disney World became Walt Disney World

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they wrote his name on one of the windows on mainstreet which you can see in the park

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Q: What did society do to remember Walt Disney?
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What impact did Walt Disney have on society?

Walt Disney made family's come together.!

How did Walt Disney affect society?

My share code for disney superbia is squirrel199 you

What makes people remember Walt Disney?

He was the founder of Disney. Disney is such a big company and has made lots of merchandise/ films that people always remember Disney.

How did Walt Disney impact society?

he created Mickey Mouse

Who invented Disney World?

Walt Disney invented Walt Disney world and Walt Disney land

Who is the Architecture for Walt Disney World?

Walt Disney. He had it planned out before he died. There was a model and plans. I remember him talking about it on his Sunday night TV show.

What is the logo for the Walt Disney company?

The Walt Disney Company logo is simply the words The Walt Disney Company w/ Walt Disney written in Walt's handwriting Walt Disney Pictures is Walt Disney, in his handwriting, underneath Cinderella's Castle.

What is Walt Disney's address?

Walt Disney

Who is founder of Walt Disney?

WALT DISNEY is the founder of WALT DISNEY WORLD. hahaha

When did Walt Disney make Walt Disney?

Walt Disney didn't create Walt Disney; he was Walt Disney himself. He created Mickey Mouse and all the other famous characters around

Was Walt Disney smart?

YES. Walt Disney is very smart because he created Walt Disney World and Walt Disney Land with all the Disney characters.

What was at Walt Disney World when Walt Disney was alive?

Walt Disney died before Walt Disney World opened. Of the 5 Disney resorts worldwide, Walt Disney only ever saw Disneyland, CA.

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