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Q: What did southern states pass at the end of the reconstruction?
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Who was the president at the end of the Reconstruction Period?

Rutherford B. Hayes was president when the last of the occupying federal troops were withdrawn from the defeated Southern states , which event if generally considered the end of Reconstruction.

How did the end of the Civil War and Reconstruction impact the representation of the South in Congress?

Representation of the South increased because more Southern states were created during Reconstruction.

In what year did the Southern Reconstruction end?

In 1896

Reconstruction finally came to an official end as part of a compromise involving?

Reconstruction finally came to an official end as part of a compromise involving the southern states. Rutherford B. Hayes removed troops in 1877.

What did the end of reconstruction have on African Americans?

Southern states passed racist Jim Crow Laws that limited African American freedoms and restricted many of the rights they had received under Reconstruction.

What factors led to the end of reconstruction?

Reconstruction collapsed around 1877, when Southern Democrats gained power in all the former Confederate states. The Southern Democrats opposed the reforms of Reconstruction and deprived African-Americans of the political rights they had gained during Reconstruction.

Did the north and the south agree to end the civil war after lincolns assassination?

southern states were more accepting of union control during reconstruction

How did southern democrats try to regain control of southern states?

Following the presidential election of 1876, Southern Democrats were able to negotiate the end of Reconstruction with Republicans in Congress because the electoral college could not declare a clear winner, sending the decision to the House of Representatives. In order for the Republican candidate to win, the Republicans agreed to end Reconstruction in 1877.

How did the southern economy change after Reconstruction?

The South had developed a more balanced economy after Reconstruction

What resulted from compromise of 1877?

Answer: It marked the end of Republican Southern governments and the Reconstruction era. Denise

How did the reconstruction end?

republicans began to loose control of southern state governments to the democratic party, and also began to loose power in the north. Also after grant was reelected in 1872 financial and political scandals in his administration upset voters.

What was true about the end of the Reconstruction Era?

The end of the US's Reconstruction Era saw the Federal government retreat from taking an interest in Southern affairs. This resulted in the white Southern leaders reestablishing the white political power structure.