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they wore log skirts

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Q: What did teachers wear in the 1900's?
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How much did teachers in the 1900s get paid?

two to three dollars a week

What did Roman teachers wear?

roman teachers wear poo and pickled onions

What did teachers where in the 1900s?

the wore log skirts and skirts that were 2 inches from the ankle

What did English women wear in the 1900s?

old cloths

What women wear for makeup in 1900s?


What shoes did they wear in the 1900s?

I think heels and flats

What did students study in the 1900s?

what did students wear in 1900

What did teachers wear in the 1850s?

nothing to wear

What do Jewish teachers wear on their head?

Jewish teachers (rabbis) typically wear a kippah or yarmulke on their head.

What did people wear in early 1900s?

dagy pants wobfvbefsdguv

What did men wear in 1900s?

A big soft shell taco

What did men wear in the 1900s?

A big soft shell taco