What did the Diane arbus subtext comment in sex and the city mean?

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Diane Arbus was a photographer who was famous for the awkwardness she captured in her subjects. Enid is saying anyone older than 40 would look odd in wedding dress.
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Why did Diane Arbus commit suicide?

I can not remember the name of the photographer .... but some time ago I got some very, very disturbing pictures via email of Africa in all it's misery. Pictures of starving children picking up grains of rice off a dusty road after the UN food truck has gone by. One picture was of a child with his ( Full Answer )

How did Diane Arbus commit suicide and why?

Diane committed suicide by ingesting barbiturates and slashing her wrists. I remember once reading an account that she lay in the bath and photographed herself whilst dying. A tragic loss.

What does comment t'apelle mean in french?

It doesn't mean anything, but can come from a mishearing of "comment t'appelles-tu ?" or "comment tu t'appelles ?" which mean "What's your name?"

What is subtext?

\nSubtext is thoughts not expressed directly in the text such as emotions and tension. It is the unspoken content under the spoken dialogue. \n. \nSubtext can be used to imply controversial subjects with a metaphor or subtext can be used to explain a characters inner thoughts and motives. \n. \ ( Full Answer )

Where is subtext in Macbeth?

Subtext can take many forms, especially in a play. Subtext can be the "between the lines" examination of a theme or motif in written text - and this is true for Macbeth. Denotation is the literal, or 'dictionary' meaning of a word. This doesn't create subtext. However, the connotation, or emotional ( Full Answer )

What means the same as 'comment'?

The word 'comment' may be a noun or a verb in the English language. As a verb, a word that has the same meaning is speak, talk . For example, Do you want to comment on this? As a noun, a word that has the same meaning is statement . For example, Do you have any comments to make?

What does spam mean on YouTube comments?

It means that someone is posting advertisements for their own pageor some type of get rich quick scheme. In other words a post thathas nothing to do with the video or topic at hand.

What is the meaning of 'Comment on m'appelle fille'?

The question 'Comment on m'appelle, fille' means What name are people calling me, girl . In the word-by-word translation, the adverb 'comment' means 'how'. The personal pronoun 'on' means 'one, we, you'. The personal pronoun 'me' means 'me'. The verb 'appelle' means '[he/she/it] is called, is nam ( Full Answer )

What paintings did Diane Arbus create?

I know in 1938 she painting "The Angel Gabriel" which was actually of her love at the time, and future husband, Allan Arbus. She was 15 when she painted it... I want to find it on the internet, there has to be a copy of it somewhere!

What does comment mean on MySpace?

To comment on Myspace means to leave an HTML message, or a personal message that is made public on the persons site for all too see.

What does comment the defaults mean?

In computers, "commenting the defaults" probably refers to commenting out the default settings in a configuration file. Commenting out the defaults will preserve them for reference when you want to change them, but will stop the program from reading them and will instead use your own settings. Comme ( Full Answer )

What does 'Tu es comment' mean?

"tu es comment ?" means "how are you" in the sense that the asker wants to know how you are built (tall/short, thin, etc..)

Where did Diane Arbus live?

Diane Arbus was born in New York City and lived most of her life there, although she travelled to teach and shoot in different locations in the U.S.

What does comment allez vous mean?

Comment allez-vous means "How are you". Asking: Comment allez-vous? [How are you?] (formal) Answering: Je vais bien. (I'm fine.) Bien, merci. (Fine, thanks.) Bien, et vous? (Fine, and you?)

What does comment ca secrit mean?

"comment ça s'écrit" means "how it is written" or "how is it written" if it is in interrogative mode.

What does comment mean in French?

comment means how in French. Note :- Comment means how when used in a sentence, but when used as a single word may be different. 'Comment !!' translates to English as 'What ?' or 'What !!'. It might mean that the speaker understood your french, but didn't understand the underlying meaning. It c ( Full Answer )

What does this mean your comment is awaiting moderation?

It means that a moderator, a person who makes sure the answer is real, needs to approve the answer before it is posted to the question. Its a big internet, get out there and you'll see that is a common auto-response to posting on a forum, wiki, or blog.

How did Diane Arbus get her start?

Diane Arbus' husband, Allan, was a photographer, and the couple began a commercial photography business in 1946. They contributed to various fashion magazines like Vogue and Glamour . Diane stepped out of the commercial business ten years later and began studying with Lisette Model, one of her bi ( Full Answer )

What is the meaning of comment in french?

"comment" means "how" as in : . "how are you doing?"   "comment allez-vous ?" . "how did you do that?"  "comment as-tu fait cela ?" . "Comment ?!" will mean "How?!" most of the time, but it may mean "What?!" . There are probably other possibilities... provide full context if you ( Full Answer )

Diane Arbus married whom?

Diane Arbus met Allan Arbus at age 13 and she married him at age 18.

Supreme Court of India quashed 23 cases against which actress for her comments to a news magazine in response to a survey conducted about pre-marital sex in big cities in India?

Hon`ble Justice Deepak Verma, Hon`ble Justice Dr B.S Chauhan. Judgement Dated: 4/28/2010 12:00:00 AM. Criminal Appeal -913/2010. Indian Penal Code ,1860 -Sections 499, 500 and 505. S. KHUSHBOO Petitioner(s) VERSUS KANNIAMMAL & ANR. Respondent(s). Head Note : It is not only desirable but impe ( Full Answer )

What does no comments from the peanut gallery mean?

The "peanut gallery" is the highest level of the balcony in a theater, with seats which are the furthest from the stage or screen. These are therefore the cheapest seats, catering to the poorest theater-goers, often children. In days gone by, people in these seats would throw peanut shells at the mo ( Full Answer )

What do you mean by Comments?

Comments in English is remarques in french. Comments in french is unusual in that comment does not usually have a plural. In a sentence it means 'how ?' Spoken alone it often means 'what ?'

What does it mean for a comment to be linked on YouTube?

When you make a comment on youtube,then when you reload the page..uwill see that there is space below the video stating 'linkedcomment' ..this is to help keep track of your comments on thatvideo and so that it will be easier if someone replies to yourcomment.

What you mean by comment in Excel?

If you want to explain something that is in a cell or give more information about it, you can add a comment to it. The comment can be added, but is only seen when you put the mouse over the cell. A small red triangle in the cell indicates there is a comment in it. It is possible to make comments ( Full Answer )

How old is Diane Arbus?

Diane Arbus was born on March 14, 1923 and died on July 26, 1971. Diane Arbus would have been 48 years old at the time of death or 92 years old today.

What does tongue in teeth comment mean?

"BITE YOUR TONGUE" means not to be rude or make a bad comment. To make a sarcastic comment is one that is "TONGUE IN CHEEK".

When a boy says no comment what does he mean?

When a guy says 'no comment' when asked a question or even if the girl simply made a statement it means he does not want to answer a question or reply about what he feels in general on the subject at hand.

What was Diane arbus hair color?

It was a medium brown, if you watch the movie "Imaginary Portrait of Diane Arbus" or also known as "Fur" its based on her true life story, but it added fiction, but if you watch it, you will see The actor portraying Diane, has a medium brown hair color

What does Comment ça va comment vas-tu mean?

Both expressions are used interchangeably. "Comment ça va ?" means: "How are you?", "How is it going?" "Comment vas-tu ?" means: "How are you doing?" "Comment" = "How", "ça" = "it", "tu" = "you", "va" and "vas" are forms of the verb "aller" (to go)

What does comment sent vous mean?

Nothing with this spelling. "comment vous sentez-vous" means "how do you feel" "comment sans vous..." (same pronunciation) means "how without you..."

What Does Comment Tala Vous Mean?

"Comment allez-vous ?" means "How are you?" "allez" is pronounced "taley" because of the liaison between the ending "t" of "comment" and the beginning vowel "a" of "allez".

What does it mean when people comment?

Seeing as this is in the technology category, I assume you mean on the internet such as commenting on a youtube video or a blog. If this is the case, it quite literally is the person's comments about the said article/video/object etc. What they thought of it, thoughts they had about it. Go on youtub ( Full Answer )

How can I not care about people's mean comments?

It's not true what they say they find out what your weakness is. Like if you have a disability they would call you weird. Because nobody what's to be called different but they don't care. Mean words do hurt feelings but it's not the end of the world it ain't going to last forever. People who get bul ( Full Answer )

What does comments and suggestions means?

A comment is a remark upon someone else's work or something they have said. It can be, but does not need to be a value judgement. E.g. "You reminded me of Maurice Chevalier when you said that." "I only seem to read these things at night." "That was wonderful." "I never realized before how crazy fear ( Full Answer )

What does the name Diane mean in bible meaning?

Diane is a variant of Diana, which let us face the facts, is NOT a Christian name. Diana was a Greco-Roman goddess and still is in the pages of Wonder Woman, her everday identity is Diana Prince. Diana ( Mythological one here) was the Goddess of the Hunt and was also identified with the Moon , as we ( Full Answer )

What comment clauses mean?

comment is roughly translated by how or what, it is used to ask questions about a mean, a way of doing things, about the shape of something, the amount of something... comment est-il venu ? : how did he come? comment vas-tu ? : how are you? comment est-il ? : what's he like? comment s'a ( Full Answer )

What does 'yuan shi dian' in Chinese means?

'Yuan Shi Dian' is the hanyu pinyin referring to a form of acupuncture known as Renkern Acupuncture. 'Yuan Shi Dian' literally means original point. 'Yuan Shi' means original or 'from the beginning' and 'Dian' means point or dot.

What is Diane Arbus known for?

Diane Arbus is known for being a great black and white photographer from the United States. She photographed unusual people including transgender, nudists and dwarfs.

What does discourages destructive comments mean?

If a person or forum says that they discourage destructive comments it means they want to keep the peace. Positive comments and constructive criticism are accepted, however.

What has the author Diane Arbus written?

Diane Arbus has written: 'Diane Arbus : magazine work' 'Diane Arbus' -- subject(s): Artistic Photography, Exhibitions, Photography, Photography, Artistic