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The ship was a candle ship, long and slender.

There is a small image at the related link.

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What was Hernando Cortes schooling life like?

It was very poor and sad for him

What did Hernando Cortes' ship look like?

It look like a Caravel Ship.

What risks did Hernando Cortes face?

pirates and bad weather like thunderstorms

What sports did Hernando Cortes play?

a sport very much like baseball

Where did Hernando Cortes reach on his journey and they teated him like a god?

The mainland of Mexico with the Aztecs.

What was Hernando Cortes crew like?

they like to eat fried chicken and reading comic books.Superman in paticular

What did Hernando Cortes look like?

He looks alot like a mashed potato and like a potato face that got squashed a million times.

Did Hernando Cortes ever get arrested?

No. When he lived there was no police like today. People were thrown into prison,, or killed by the crown.

What year was Hernando Cortes married?

HHi my name is Somebody what is ur name i like u do u like me lol very funny

Did Hernando Cortes fail at any expedition?

that is a good question and yes I am sure he had probably fail at like one or two because they did not have the technology like we do today

What difficulties or problems did Hernan Cortes face?

Hernando Cortes faced many problem like crashing on the shore of Mexico and fighting the Indians.

What inspired Hernando Cortes?

Hernando Cortez was like all other explorers who were all sent to find new lands by their monarchs. He was inspired by his quest to spread Christianity, to find rare jewels and gold and for praise and glory.

What did Hernando Cortes want to be when when he grew up?

He wanted to be a lawyer. But he changed his mind. He wanted to be an explorer, just like Columbus. He seek ed adventure.

Did Hernando Cortes run in to any problems on his journey?

Not really he was a man with never problems and wore very odd thing like others explorers did to hahahaahah

What contribution did Hernando Cortes make to Spain's empire?

he traded good stuff like arms guns powder and crossbows of warlike stores [collections of weapons]

What was Hernando Cortes trip like?

Long and boring, his Ipod ran out of battery so he was so bored he almost killed himself. There will no rest areas so he had to hold it.

What is the comparison between Hernando Cortes and an astronaut?

They both hear stories of places where others have never gone before. Hernando Cortes heard rumors of a kingdom in the inland of Mexico. He took an army of 600 men and defeated the Aztecs and took down their leader, Montezuma II. An astronaut hears rumors about a planet (for now let's say Mars) and then volunteers to go risk his life to try to reach where no person has gone before, just like Cortes risked his like going against the entire Aztec population.

Who and what influenced Hernando Cortes to be an explorer?

It was his love and passion for adventure, he started out going to school for law but later found out that he did not like the rules, he dropped out and later became a soldier and an explorer

What was Hernando Cortes' personality like?

Cortes was known to be highly mercurial and restless. His leadership style was energetic, ambitious, and highly disciplined. His natural charisma somehow drove the men under his command to adopt similar behaviorisms and pushed them to the limit of human ability. These qualities, consequently, allowed Cortes to conquer the Aztecs. He was known to be a very quick thinker and, as far as we can tell, a highly intelligent man. He was constantly rethinking and analyzing plans and situations. He was regarded as brash and overconfident yet possessed the talent to back up his words with action. Hernando Cortes was, a fighter, he definitely did not like to be under pressure or to take orders.

What does Hernando cortez's ship look like?

Hernando Cortez's ship was wood.

What was Hernan Cortes personality like?

cortes s personality was energatic

Where is a picture of where did Hernando Cortes landed?

There are no pictures of this since the camera wasn't invented until 1830 four hundred years after his landing. You might find a drawing or painting of what someone thought it looked like in a history book.

What did Hernando de Sotos ship look like?

Hernando de soto ship looked like a regular ship but the only different's was that Hernando de soto ship had a curved skull on it!

When was Burn Like a Candle created?

Burn Like a Candle was created on 1972-06-25.

What empire Cortes conquer and where was it located?

Hernando Cortes conquered the Aztecs in their capital, Tenichitilan. They had a beautiful city. When Cortes and his followers came the natives treated them like a guest because they never saw white people and thought that they were gods. Later all of Cortes's men surrounded the Aztec's and if they tried to escape they would shoot them. So the Aztec's starved to death because they couldn't go and get food. The people who didn't die,Cortes made as slaves. Cortes's cousin Pizzaro also conquered the Inca's empire.

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