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The English believed the Native Americans were savage and uncivilized. They believed, along with many Americans, that they should be eradicated.

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Q: What did the English believe about the native Americans?
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Did the English and the Native Americans have the same language?

No. The English spoke English, and the Native Americans spoke various languages native to North America.

English settlers often angered Native Americans by?

the english settlers often angered the native americans by

What was a major source of conflict between English colonists and Native Americans?

The Europeans wanted to own and develop the land, whereas the Native Americans believe the land was for everyone, not for one individual to own.

How did English treat native Americans?


Did Native Americans know what English was?

no they didn't

Who settled in wilmington after the native Americans?


Who was the leader of the native Americans?

Native Americans believe that their traditions and ceremonies came to them directly from the Creator.

Are Native Americans monotheistic?

Some native americans are Christian and some believe in animal guides and some are polytheistic.

What ability did Squanto have that other Native Americans did not?

Squanto had the ability to speak English at a time when very few Native Americans could not. Today almost all Native Americans in the United States and Cananda can speak English.

Why did English have poor relations with the native Americans?

Then English had very poor relations with the Native Americans because of distinct cultural differences. The English were Eurocentric in that they believed their culture was superior to all others. By the time the English met the Native Americans, they were already well read, politically established, had structured military, and had successfully spread Christian values. To them, the Native Americans appeared to be savages.

Why did tensions increase between native Americans and white settlers?

because the white folks, (English, Columbus all they wanted was gold and eventually the native Americans ran out of gold, and said that they didn't have anymore. but the English demanded more and the native Americans couldn't give them anymore. so the English started to kill more native Americans

What effect did the marriage of Pochontas John Ralfe have on the relationship between Americans and English settlers?

Americans and English? You mean English settlers and Native Americans?