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some people didn't like how he was treating them,but on the other hand others thought what he was doing was good

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Caused blind nationalism I think

yes but he was in fact born in austria and raised as a jew

No, they do not think that Hitler is a hero.

Hitler capitalized on the human instinct of hating people who are different from us. He made the German people think the Jews were a lower class that needed to be exterminated.

He was in love with Germany. He believed in a German world.

He promised economic prosperity, restoration of greatness to Germany in the form of the Third Reich, and united the German people by blaming the Jews for the losses of WWI.

because he didn't give up and wanted loads of power

He got permission by being chosen by the people of Germany, he was elected with the people knowing that he did not think that Jews should be part of German society.

becuase hitler was a vary sneaky man and no one really noticed him...... i think

At the beginning of the war, German soldiers seemed to be genuinely on Hitler's side. They believed in him because he was able to turn around the German economy, and make things better for the German people. By the end of the war, however, most of the German soldiers, and especially the leaders, realized that Hitler had gotten them into an impossible war.

because some people think hitler did a good thing killing the jews and they might think all the speaches he said was the right things to do

Jewish people, I think.

People thought Hitler was good. Hitler lied to his people, to make them think that the people he killed were disgusting. but in reality . they are not.

i think its because they went along with what Hitler believed was right a.k.a the perfect German who was robust, blond hair,blue eyes even though Hitler was not that himself.

He thought that all "perfect Germans" were the ones who weren't jews, sick , disabled, mentally disabled, or homosexuals or any other type of non german

The German president, Paul von Hindenburg, detested Hitler and referred to him disparagingly as "der böhmische Gefreite" (the Bohemian corporal).

because he saved millions of people

well no one knows but i think a lot of people name there kid hitler

The only way that I can think of is slavery.

ok i cant answer this but i was born as an English person but i found out that i had alot of German in me from my moms side her last name is getz in German it would actually be spelled goetz ....was German bad people cuz my boyfriend said they where an when i first told him i was German he said lets go kill the Nazi's wasn't German Nazi's .....should i think of Hitler a good person or a bad person

Angela Merkel (Chancellor of Germany), Adolf Hitler (bad, but still famous), Beathoven, Arnold Schwarzenager. That's all I can think of for now.

In MY opinon I would think that he doesn't because think about it turned out that he betrayed his own people just to be on the winning side of selfishness and no honor, so that being said no Hitler did not care of the people. In my OTHER opinion is that he does, because he was born of being from the 'aryan race' meaning born of pure German blood, and all I can say is that it was his only kind of action to get attention.

Many people think Hitler simply killed all Jews. Not true. Jewish kids were often (especially small ones) put into German families, were they were raised in a traditional German way away from all the "bad influence from the Jews". They mainly did that to not lose future soldiers or workers.

Hitler thought all blacks sub-human and killed many off.

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