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Heil Hitler or Der Fuhrer among others

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The Germans were just as afraid of Hitler as the Jews. ____ Many Germans saw nothing to object to. Hitler was popular, until the war turned against Germany.

Hitler saw Jews as inferior to ethnic Germans. He exploited German anti-Semitism to enable his genocidal plans.

he said they were the master race

No. There were Jewish people who were Germans. Therefore I would say no.

Because he saw Holger Badstuber and Manuel Neuer.

a lot of Germans supported Hitler, about 3 million people supported Hitler

He said that the Germans needed 'living space' (Lebensraum).

Because Hitler believed Germans was a super-race and all other races were inferior to Germans.

if im understanding your question right, then no. Adolf Hitler lead the Germans

The Germans flocked to Hitler because they were in an economic slowdown and desperatley needed jobs. Hitler promised jobs.

A German soldier/sailor/airman when saluting would say "Heil Hitler" .

Hitler thought of Germans as the best race there was the best out there and he thought no one could stop them as he believed that they would one day rule. these are why Germans were classed by Hitler as "the Superior race"

Hitler didn't hate Germans.

Indeed, there were some Germans that were. Not many history says that-not many people knew that from the start. That was why there were several attempts to have Hitler assinated and the Nazi regime wiped out. Many Germans were truly against what Hitler and the Nazis were doing to the Jews. Some were arrested for helping Jews escape or trying to hide them. Even half of the German army resisted against Hitler and the Nazi regime because half of them saw the wrong of what was happening.

Adolf Hitler killed no Germans, Jews, or anyone else. He had his ugly, twisted henchmen do it for him.

No. There were resistance movements.

Germans are included in the Aryan race.

they didn't Hitler took power.

yes most germans did my friend is german and her great grand father fought agenst hitler

No, most of the Germans hated Hitler and wanted to kill him but there were some people that really liked him and the were the Nazi's because Hitler made them stick up for him

Some did, there were many attempts on his life by Germans.

All of it. The germans started it with Hitler.

For 2 reasons 1. Hitler was using propaganda on the germans, so some did believe in hitler and his ideal's about the Jews also, this was quite impowering to hitler because, once hitler got majority of germans on his side, he could proceed his plans 2. Hitler was using terror on the germans and the opposels of to the nazis

The Germans started to take Hitler seriously after they had been living through the affects of their WWI loss. The Germans wanted someone to blame for their misfortune, so Hitler gave them the Jews.

Hitler said that the Jewish were believers in communism and that he and his supporters would rid Germany of communism. Many Germans, however, thought that Adolf Hitler and his "supporters" were infact thugs. Hitler convinced the Germans with propaganda, as he rose in power and acknowledgement, that the Jewish were atrocious, nasty, evil, rapists, killers, etc. This is how Hitler received inital support in World War II. He also described signs of how the Germans could realize that what he was saying was in fact true. He said that the Jewish were greedy and taking over the country. Germans found that many land and shop owners were in fact Jewish, which was enough evidence to prove what Hitler said to be true. In all, Hitler, sorry to say, was smart enough to influence the Germans like the media influences us. He saw how the people reacted and were astonished to find tiny comparisons of what he said to be correct. After that, Hitler began with his Arian race beliefs and the only Germans who still believed him were the ones that became Nazis or big supporter. He then established that gypsies, homosexuals, and many many other people were not of pure race or especially class, beliefs, etc. to be kept alive and then the holocaust happens.

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