Iroquois Indians

What did the Iroquois use their tree resources for?


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for supplies


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to bulid trees and conas and make longhouse

The Iroquois depended on the natural resources around them to meet all of their basic needs.

the used trees,plants,and vegatbles

iroquois human resource

They would use all the resources around them to build things such as longhouses and weapons

The tree roots, the council fire, and the eagle are used in the Iroquois constitution.

because if they didn't move on they would use all of the resources in that place

Iroquois Indians generally got their resources from the land they lived on. This included their clothing, housing, weapons, and food.

The Iroquois made the longhouses out of tree bark. The Iroquois were called Haudeenosaunee.

The Iroquois had abundant animals and fish to hunt. They had timber for their homes and abundant food wild food resources.

they were made by the Iroquois. Iroquois canoe was made out of birch-bark and sometimes tree trunks it depends.

Sturdy trees , game animals

they used the wood for travel and shelter, they used the soil for crops, and they used the animals for food

They used wood for houses, snowshoes, canoes, spoons, bows, bouls, and fires. the

There are no natural resources taken from tree kangaroos.

Trees, bushes, plants, water and natural resources- any thing they could use to keep alive

the iroquois used machine guns to bomb fairy land

Yes, the Iroquois people did use Wigwams!

The Firebird and the Iroquois The Rainbow Tree of life.

the Pine tree Chiefs were elected by the clan mother, because of their special skills.

The Iroquois League was a very powerful confederation.

They use animal skin for blankets and coats. bark and tree branches for tents or longhouses

The Iroquois used deer parts as food, clothing,cultural use, and for their home.

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