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they did anything to hurt them

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Q: What did the KKK do to African American?
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Do the KKK kill Chinese?

Well usually its just african american they kill, but if they are true kkk they will kill anyone of a different color.

What were the goals of the KKK during reconstruction?

The ultimate goal of the KKK was to brutalize the African-Americans because they felt that African-Americans ruined the American culture and caused problems for America.

How bad is the KKK?

How bad is killing inocent African-American men, women, and childeren?

What terrorist group hoped to deny African-American equal rights as citizens?

the KKK

Why African Americans would be scared of the KKK?

They were a cult with one mission: To torture and kill every last African American. Also the KKK treated the African Americans like a roach, and stomped on them every chance they got. They had no mercy.

What problems did African American soldiers face before ww1?

Lynching and KKK violence (Apex)

What does the KKK have to do with racism?

The KKK was racist against African Americans.

Why was the KKK popular?

The KKK, also known as the Ku Klux Klan, was so popular, because everyone already hated the African American. Everybody thought they were useless just like the JEws during Hitlers time. It was as if they thought the KKK was doing them a favor by getting rid of the useless and unwanted African Americans. As everyone knows the KKK kills African Americans.

What groups did the KKK target?

Jews, Catholics, Immigrants and African Americans were among the groups the KKK targeted.

Jim crow and African American?

The african americans were affected by the black codes, along with suppression of their voting rights and racism from groups such as the KKK

Why did the KKK kill African Americans?

The kkk kill them because they don't like them.

What did the KKK do in the 1950's to affect equal rites?

The KKK killed the African-Americans.

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