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What did the Navajo tribe trade with other tribes?


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they traded weapons,fashon,tabaco

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yes they traded buffalo with other tribes

They fought the muzielunh tribe

the Navajo,Hohokam,Ancestral Pueblo (Anasazi),and the Hopi

We call ourselves Dine' which translate to "The People" - most other tribes refer to themselves as this also

265 members of the San Juan Southern Paiute tribe, mostly in Tuba city. Some members of other tribes who have married into the Navajo tribe. A few Hopi. About 2.89% or 5,000 are non Native mostly medical and educational professionals.

The tribes that are still active are the Sioux Tribe. The other tribes are not that active. But the Sioux tribe is the most active tribe out of all of them.

The Hopi Indian tribe were attacked by the Ute (yoot), Apache (uhpachee), and Navajo (navuho) Native American Indian tribes.

They are legends at buffoal hunting at other tribes are not.

The slave trade was set up because the victors of African tribe wars would sell the losers to other tribes or to other nations, such as The Carribbean.

if you are talking about the iroquois tribe , it worked with 5 other tribes but sometimes they work with other tribes

They traded with shells that they found near their tribe.The shells showed signs of wealth.A lot of tribes didn't have shells so they traded.

Some of the other streets in that neighborhood are "Navajo" and "Osage", so it's highly likely that they were named for Indian tribes.

Only if the tribe they are from used to live in a pueblo if they were from tribes that were former roamers like the Navajo then no.

The San Juan Southern Paiute live in some small communites. There are 265 people. Their headquarters is in Tuba City on the Navajo Nation. Some Hopi have intermarried and live on the Nation. Non-Navajo medical and law and other professionals live on the Nation in small numbers. It is about 2% white. Members of other tribes who have married into the tribe also live on the Navajo Nation. To be an enrolled member of the tribe you must be at least 1/4 Navajo so some of the population is part other groups.

The Navajo is a Native Indian tribe

Shasta tribes had ceremonies with other tribes

The Navajo tribe has many different chiefs do to the population

I think the Cherokee tribe is unique from the other tribes was that they spoke different language. Also, that the ABC was born there.

The Navajo and Nez Perce are Native American tribes that start with the letter N.

The Navajo Tribe lives in the Southwestern United States.

TheIroquois live in the Northeast, along with many other tribes.What are many other tribes? improved:i know one of them was the Iroquois tribe.

i think its a Navajo trible region

There are over 300,000 Navajo. More than have been alive at any other time. There were about 10,000 or so in 1860. It is even larger if you count people who are part Navajo and part another tribe.

Well, I would think so! The Navajo tribe is one of the most pominent and largest federally recognized tribes in the United States. Members of the Navajo tribe were an important asset to the U.S. during World War II. The Navajo Code Talkers used their native language to create a code for the U.S. that could not be cracked.

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